The Most Talented Women on the Pop Charts (2011-13) Bands/Musicians

The Most Talented Women on the Pop Charts (2011-13)

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List Criteria: Female singers who currently have singles out, are on tour, or have new albums

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    this women helped give talented women everywhere hope that effort and talent can still sell in the age of sex and auto tune.
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    Alicia Keys
    Photo: Daniele Dalledonne
    there is no reason to not know this women has skills. both vocal and behind a piano.
  3. 3
    Beyoncé Knowles
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    the Superbowl shows her stage talent and the press conf before that showed her vocal talent. like america needed to be reminded.
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    Kelly Clarkson
    Photo: Ikkin Photography
    she may only be know for singing about moving on from bad romances but the women dose have a good set of pipes. she also great at being a stable of female performers who are conferrable being themselves and with the bodies they have. this is a women who know what she wants to be known for her music. not her sex, not what she wearing, not shoving her ideas in your face, just music.
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    best voice in real country. meaning that unlike some she has no need to step away from her rual oklahoma roots. she also been able to stay out of being labled poorly as a neo-con or a libral. in an age of twitter and 24/7 press that is a impressive in its self.
  6. 6
    one of the most underrated singers to make it big on the charts and she did it without copying the Katy Perry/Lady Gaga model of sex and controversy. however she dose this with out also becoming cuty, jaded or a fake reble. she is something that is both true to herself and charming to her fans.
  7. 7
    Ellie Goulding
    Photo: Tony Felgueiras
    not only dose this new to pop world women have a voice of an angel she also have a great ear for good production and video imagery. her voice is more a adie for the artistic nature than it is the belts of diva but sometimes the best music come from people who are trying to do more than just show off.
  8. 8
    Lady Gaga
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    one of the biggest road warrior seemly rare to not be on tour. also one of the fastest acts to go from buzzed about to icon. even if she more of a stage and shock act she still has a well trained and talented voice and ability behind a piano. 
  9. 9
    ok this one maybe pushing the idea of pop charts but she is well known and did have a moment of fame. also she on the short list when it come to women you trust to belt out a song. however this is the list for people like that.
  10. 10
    Photo: Freebase/CC-BY
    she seems to be studio addict. even then she can both be a party pop act, a R&B diva and heart felt baled singer. with her you can hear a lot of styles and a lot of ideas. she like a mad scientists and music is her lab.
  11. 11
    Lana Del Rey
    Photo: Tony Felgueiras
    this one is more about using the carter of her voice than trying to top the next biggest act. she may have had some stumbles along the way but she has gotten back up and proved that even if one is dislike by some there can be just as many who want to hear you. from her smoky vocals to the almost hipster like song titles, common meets complex lyrical taests and a elegant meets dark video tastes this artiest has a way of wanting things that all her own.
  12. 12
    part of the time. this is a women how is growing as she goes along. she may have started out a bit cheeky and more of writer than a singer. however her voice, feeling and engery have grown well on her and she should be seen like fine wine getting better the more time you give her.
  13. 13
    not on her own name but glee has been on the billboard multiple times. the biggest voice on that show is this women. you could see her as the next Barbara Streisand or the next Jennifer Love Hewitt it all depends on where she plans to go and what doors open up to her. whatever happens i'm sure she will find a way to make her path enough of her own to make a story that no tv writer could top.
  14. 14
    Carly Rae Jepsen
    Photo: Lunchbox LP
    its not everyday that you see someone a women who was written off come back bigger than ever. you could say she was lucky but she has been to music what Zooey Deschanel is to acting these days. the poster child of unafraid feminine women. the kind of women who can say to the world im a girly women, get over it. im not a aggressive sex symbol im not an angry diva im just a singer who enjoys what i do.
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    you may love or hate her but you have to say that at least this women knows how to take her heart breaking lose and translated into music in a more dirct and personal way than just about any other artiest on this list (katy perry maybe 2st).
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