The Most Underrated Video Game Characters Anything

The Most Underrated Video Game Characters

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Video game characters come and go, but several of them don't receive the praise they deserve. Here I cover the best of the unknown, and I think you should pay tribute for their contributions to gaming. Considering how bad the economy is right now, a home with four walls would be pretty nice of you.
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    Ristar the Shooting Star is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Most Underrated Video Game Characters
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    Ristar the Shooting Star is a gorgeous Sega Genesis game that features a young hero questing to defeat an evil warlord. Using his stretchy arms to slam opponents and swing on bars, Ristar was chock full of simple, fun gameplay. It's too bad this game was released near the end of the Genesis's life cycle-if it had come out a bit sooner, maybe Ristar wouldn't be on this list.

    To this day I still wish Sega made more Ristar games. If Sega has given the series a chance, who knows what great concepts they would've come up with? Like Diestar, Ristar's evil clone who has a mohawk and way too many fangirls on DeviantArt. Top-notch!
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    Sparkster is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Most Underrated Video Game Characters
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    When Sonic the Hedgehog was first released, other companies tried to cash in with their own attitude-bearing animals. What makes Konami's Sparkster different? He's an opossum that belongs to-get this-a society of jetpack-wielding knights.

    That's right. KNIGHTS WITH JETPACKS. It's impossible for that to suck. And Sparkster's games definitely prove it-they're tough, but chock full of quality entertainment. Let's face it. If you don't think knights with jetpacks aren't cool, then you're clearly an enemy of fun, DAD.
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    Must resist ball joke must resist ball joke must resist ball joke...ahem.

    Joining a long list of unsung Sega Genesis heroes is a creative robot called Vectorman. When the robots on a f*turistic Earth go berserk, it's up to Vectorman to try and bring peace. Unfortunately, he only speaks gun. Even worse is when he starts speaking in all directions and has conversations with everything in the vicinity. If you can get him to shut up a minute, though, I'd advise you take control of Vectorman and talk back against all the evil robots so you can save our planet. That is, unless you don't have the CAJONES!

    ...I am so sorry.
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    I shouldn't even have to write anything here. Strider is a ninja, which automatically makes him cool. With artful acrobatics and manly sword swinging skills, Strider earns a rightful place among all the great ninjas of video gaming history.

    But in order to be recognized for this hall of fame, he must pass one final test...namely, hazing Naruto. Actually, I think I should help you. I am a new-age artist, after all, and I'm currently doing work where I mix red against orange with a baseball bat.
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    Roger Wilco

    Okay, I wouldn't say Roger Wilco is underrated. He was in all six installments of the Space Quest franchise, while everyone else on this list only starred in one or two games. However, what's underrated about Roger Wilco is his incredible skill. We're talking about a man who walks around on dangerous planets without a weapon, where practically anything can kill him...and yet, somehow he survived for six games by OUTWITTING everyone.

    Let's face it-that's pretty awesome. Do you know how much time he had to spend pouring over the hint book to get past some of the obstacles he's faced? It was probably the most vital ten minutes of his career. Now that's dedication to your craft...and an optimum use of your $19.95. Roger Wilco, I salute you!
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