Famous Movies From German Democratic Republic Films

Famous Movies From German Democratic Republic

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List of popular movies from German Democratic Republic, listed by popularity with movie trailers when available. All prominent movies shot in German Democratic Republic are included. This list of famous films made in German Democratic Republic includes additional information about the movies, such as who directed them and what genre they are. Any top rated movies made in German Democratic Republic should appear on this list, with the most well-known ones at the top. The most popular cinema of German Democratic Republic is included below, so if you see a movie that's missing then it probably isn't very well-known.

The Orphanage and Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory are only the beginning of the movies on this list. This list answers the questions What movies were shot in German Democratic Republic?"

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  1. 1
    The Orphanage

    Geraldine Chaplin, Belén Rueda, Édgar Vivar

  2. 2
    The Crucible

    Simone Signoret, Mylène Demongeot, Yves Montand

  3. 3
    Laila Majnu

    nm2147526, Aruna Irani, Rishi Kapoor

  4. 4

    Powers Boothe, Fernando Allende, Sergey Nikonenko

  5. 5

    Yury Yakovlev, Itzhak Fintzi, Elena Hranova

  6. 6
    Five Days, Five Nights

    Vsevolod Sanayev, Vsevolod Safonov, Nikolai Sergeyev

  7. 7
    The Sons of Great Bear

    The Sons of Great Bear Gojko Mitić, Hans Hardt-Hardtloff, Rolf Römer

  8. 8
    Trace of Stones

    Manfred Krug, Eberhard Esche, Jutta Hoffmann

  9. 9
    The Woman and the Stranger

    The Woman and the Stranger Peter Zimmermann, Joachim Lätsch, Kathrin Waligura

  10. 10
    The Story of Little Mook: Tales from Europe

    Silja Lesny, Thomas Schmidt, Alwin Lippisch

  11. 11
    Jacob the Liar

    Vlastimil Brodský, Henry Hübchen, Erwin Geschonneck

  12. 12

    Lotte in Weimar Lilli Palmer, Christa Lehmann, Dieter Mann

  13. 13
    Council of the Gods

    Paul Bildt, Inge Keller, Yvonne Merin

  14. 14

    The Rabbit Is Me Peter Borgelt, Willi Narloch, Alfred Müller

  15. 15
    The Singing Ringing Tree

    The Singing Ringing Tree Eckart Dux, Maria Besendahl, Charles Hans Vogt

  16. 16
    Ernst Thälmann - Son of his Class

    Ernst Thälmann - Son of his Class Michel Piccoli, Werner Peters, Günther Simon

  17. 17
    Berlin, Schoenhauser Corner

    Ekkehard Schall, Ilse Pagé, Hartmut Reck

  18. 18
    The Barber of Birmingham: Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement

    The Barber of Birmingham: Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement

  19. 19
    Anton the Magician

    Anton the Magician Ulrich Thein

  20. 20
    Coming Out

    Michael Gwisdek, Dagmar Manzel, Charlotte von Mahlsdorf

  21. 21
    Les Misérables

    Les Misérables Jean Gabin, Bernard Blier

  22. 22

    Donatas Banionis, Mikhail Kozakov, Lyudmila Chursina

  23. 23
    The Architects

    The Architects Hans-Joachim Hegewald, Werner Dissel, Christoph Engel

  24. 24
    Solo Sunny

    Solo Sunny Wolfgang Kohlhaase, Renate Krößner, Fred Düren

  25. 25
    Vergesst mir meine Traudel nicht

    Vergesst mir meine Traudel nicht Eva-Maria Hagen, Sabine Thalbach, Günther Haack

  26. 26
    The Sailor's Song

    The Sailor's Song Günther Simon

  27. 27
    Sun Seekers

    Viktor Avdyushko, Erwin Geschonneck, Vladimir Yemelyanov

  28. 28
    The Beaverskin

    The Beaverskin Camilla Spira, Werner Hinz, Carsta Löck

  29. 29
    Marriage in the Shadows

    Ilse Steppat, Paul Klinger

  30. 30
    The Divided Sky

    Eberhard Esche, Petra Kelling, Hilmar Thate

  31. 31
    I Was Nineteen

    I Was Nineteen Vasily Livanov, Dieter Mann, Rolf Hoppe

  32. 32
    Roman einer jungen Ehe

    Roman einer jungen Ehe

  33. 33
    Heart of Stone

    Heart of Stone Paul Bildt, Erwin Geschonneck, Alexander Engel

  34. 34
    Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory
  35. 35
    Blum Affair

    Blum Affair Paul Bildt, Hans Christian Blech, Maly Delschaft

  36. 36
    Berlin im Aufbau

    Berlin im Aufbau

  37. 37
    Professor Mamlock

    Professor Mamlock Wolfgang Heinz

  38. 38
    At A French Fireside

    At A French Fireside Angelica Domröse

  39. 39
    The Banner of Krivoi Rog

    The Banner of Krivoi Rog Erwin Geschonneck

  40. 40
    The Benthin Family

    The Benthin Family Charlotte Ander, Ottokar Runze, Maly Delschaft

  41. 41
    September Love

    September Love

  42. 42
    Einheit SPD-KPD

    Einheit SPD-KPD

  43. 43
    Mama, I'm Alive

    Margarita Terekhova, Donatas Banionis, Ivan Lapikov

  44. 44
    Castles and Cottages

    Castles and Cottages Ekkehard Schall, Erwin Geschonneck, Marga Legal

  45. 45
    The Children of Golzow

    The Children of Golzow

  46. 46
    Bürgschaft für ein Jahr

    Bürgschaft für ein Jahr Katrin Saß, Monica Lennartz, Ursula Werner

  47. 47
    The Turning Point

    The Turning Point Sylvester Groth, Gustaw Lutkiewicz, Hans-Uwe Bauer

  48. 48
    Liberation: The Last Assault

    Liberation: The Last Assault Vasily Shukshin, Vladislav Strzhelchik, Mikhail Ulyanov

  49. 49

    Chingachgook: The Great Snake Gojko Mitić, Horst Preusker, Adolf Peter Hoffmann

  50. 50

    Duped Till Doomsday Wolfgang Kieling, Kurt Ulrich, Hannes Fischer

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