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List Rules Vote for the movies with the most potential to succeed as a remake that isn't awful and/or would benefit from advances in special effects and CGI

Movies that should be remade include movies that would benefit from a special effects facelift, films with outdated subject matter that could be updated, and movies that were just awful the first time around to the chagrin of their fans. Some of the worst Hollywood movies of all time could still be remade and saved with the right writer, director, and cast. It would be no small feat to make Supergirl fly, but it could be done with the right crew. There are plenty of movies ready for a remake on this films that should be remade list.

Movies that could benefit from a remake include some of the greatest movies of all time that weren't bad the first time around like The Usual Suspects and The Breakfast Club. Much of the appeal of tinkering with these classics is the talent that could be attracted to projects that are already revered. 

What movies have been remade? What movies should be remade? With the thousands of boring/unnecessary adaptations floating around Hollywood, there should be some room for great movie remakes on the desks of executives making decisions about which movies get made. If there's a movie you think deserves a remake not on this list of films that should get a remake, make sure to add it. And if you think of other reasons a movie should be remade (like specific casting choices or current relevance of subject matter) make sure to add them to the movies that should be remade list.
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The Raven

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Made in 1963 the special effects aren't very special. mostly hanging by wires, scratches, smoke, and bad blue screen. But a duel between two wizards, come on, that's gotta be cool.

As for casting? Here are my suggestions
Original Cast -- Character -- New Cast
Vincent Price -- Dr. Erasmus Craven -- Lily Tomlin
Peter Lorre -- Dr. Adolphus Bedlo -- Jason Alexander
Boris Karloff -- Dr. Scarabus -- Jack Nicholson
Hazel Court -- Lenore (or Leonard) Craven -- ? a man if Lily Tomlin plays Craven
Olive Sturgess -- Estelle Craven -- ?
Jack Nicholson -- Rexford Bedlo -- ?

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Actors: Jack Nicholson, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Hazel Court, + more

Initial Release: 1963

Directed by: Roger Corman

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The environment is a hot-button issue these days, and as the original never reached the popularity of the book, a re-make could be wicked awesome. David Bowie could even reprise his role, since he seemingly hasn't aged since the original.

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Actors: Sting, Patrick Stewart, Alicia Witt, Sean Young, Max von Sydow, + more

Initial Release: 1984

Directed by: David Lynch

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Seems like a no-brainer. It's timely, the graphics stand much room for improvement, and it would be a tense political thriller helmed by a computer wunderkid. Greenlight.

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Actors: Matthew Broderick, William H. Macy, Ally Sheedy, Michael Madsen, Dabney Coleman, + more

Initial Release: 1983

Directed by: John Badham

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Soylent Green

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Actors: Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson, Dick Van Patten, Chuck Connors, Joseph Cotten, + more

Initial Release: 1973

Directed by: Richard Fleischer

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