My Bonnaroo 2007 Bands/Musicians

My Bonnaroo 2007

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This was a Bonnaroo that I probably anticipated more than I actually enjoyed, mainly due to The Police being just OK. Ranked in order of enjoyment.

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    Ben Harper with John Paul Jones Superjam

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    Wow. Watching a midnight set with Ben Harper, John Paul Jones, and ?Love playing almost all Zeppelin covers was pretty special.
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    Very strong Tool set.
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    The best KOL set I have seen, by far.
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    Saw most of the set. Had been totally psyched, ended up somewhat disappointed. Just didn't gell fully for me (and, I felt, for the crowd - you can really tell at Bonnaroo when the feeling just isn't there).
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    At this point, I just wanted the Lips to change the set around. They did a little bit here.
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    Warren Haynes solo acoustic

    Short set Sirius stage.
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    Saw a few songs at the "Thursday pre festival festival" - pretty cool.
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    One of those shows I enjoyed, and probably never would have seen had they not played Bonnaroo.
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    Also Thursday nite thing - not a band I prob would have seen under normal circumstances. Solid working-class band and I can see why they are big on the East Coast
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    not my thing.
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    live this band is like watching paint dry. I just don't get it.
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