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My Coachella 2009

As good as any year- maybe the best ever. was like a Bonnaroo as far as me cramming tons of different sets into 3 days. Definitely the most music I've seen at a Coachella to date, and I've been to all. Perhaps the best thing of all was that for my tastes there were very few schedule conflicts. It's going to be tough for any other festivals to beat Coachella 09. glad to see Goldenvoice continue to open up the lineup to older artists with cred. All my top 8-10 sets were about equal as far as my loving them went - tough to pick winners but a man's gotta Rank.

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    Macca was awesome as he has been every one of the 4 times i've seen him this millenium (i'm sure if this had been the first or 2nd i would have been absolutely ecstatic). a few odd song choices (flaming pie? WTF?) but given that he played for 2.5 hours (we bailed after first encore) he is certainly allowed to throw some duff tracks in the mix.

  2. 2

    pound for pound probably the best set. this band is always a little different live when i see them - and this set was prob the best i've seen.

  3. 3

    this lineup of the Cure is playing better live than any lineup since at least 1990 or so. missed the first 5 songs due to Orb - Jen had said the start of the cure set was lame, but from the time we got there on they were excellent, as good as last year at the shrine. missed the last 45mins or so - fatigue had set in, but we caught at least an hour and a half

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  5. 5

    great set - opened with a slow new song but after that it was a power packed hour or so. better than the wiltern last year.

  6. 6

    he was great but having just seen the full 2.5 hr set at the Nokia this set was slightly anticlimactic (and could have used a bit more volume). still it might have been my #1 of the fest if i hadn't just seen him a week earlier

  7. 7

    lotsa sugar, lotsa husker, very cool

  8. 8

    quite good - captivating set

  9. 9

    missed a few songs unfortunately but they sounded great

  10. 10

    (DJ set) - thought they were excellent saw a good hour or so. Never disliked a Chems show tho they've been on a slow decline since 99 or so so was glad to see my expectations were beaten by this DJ set (was also glad that it wasn't very housey at least what i saw)

  11. 11

    very solid show as usual though song choice could have been better.

  12. 12
  13. 13

    so-so. new material was good not great. classic stuff was pretty awesome. i bolted to see a few mins of fleet foxes; per Dan i missed some good stuff

  14. 14

    only a few songs + have seen a bunch lately so not really fair to put them low - I'm a huge fan and generally like them live, though they are so goofy to watch there can be very diminishing returns when i see them multiple times.

  15. 15

    sadly disappointed (even bailed for 10 mins in the middle - and it seemed like a good chunk of the tent did as well. they've got some MC dude now and . . . i just don't want to see that at an Orb show. played at least partial versions of some classics and it had its moments for sure but the low points were pretty low.

  16. 16

    saw just one song and wasn't that close

  17. 17
  18. 18

    only saw a few songs

  19. 19

    Really like all his albums, especially the one this year, but just wasn't the right thing to see midday at a festival. In general I don't need to see this kinda stuff live.

  20. 20

    VERY disappointed. saw about 30mins and left. just didn't have much muscle.

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