Greatest Marvel Avengers Characters of All Time Comic Book Characters
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Greatest Marvel Avengers Characters of All Time

List Criteria: Most essential characters who have been featured in Marvel Comics' Avengers series.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes indeed.
These are the baddest asses of all friggin' time. Booyah!

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    #5 on the original list
    Marvel's golden boy. How can I not put him on this list? True, he's dead now, but hey, that didn't stop him before!!

  2. 2

    #49 on the original list
    Moon Knight Marvel's answer to Batman. But stronger, faster, smater, and more badass.

  3. 3
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    Ms. Marvel She is so friggin' HOT!!

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  5. 5
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    Wolverine So... friggin'... badass...

  6. 6

    #24 on the original list
    Literally THE most epic martial artist EVER.

  7. 7
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    #123 on the original list
    Hot, AND the ultimate mutant!? Most epic girlfriend EVER!!

  8. 8

    #9 on the original list
    Most powerful AFTER Hope, but just as hot.

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