My Favorite Jon Stewart PWNS TV Programs
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My Favorite Jon Stewart PWNS

This is far from a complete list, Jon routinely pulls back the curtain on the media, but these are some of the most memorable moments for me, personally. There's nothing better than watching someone else actually say and do exactly what you WISH you could do if you had a) the guts, b) the talent, and c) the forum. Jon Stewart is just the man for the job. These are some of the moments that made me howl with joy.
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    Glenn Beck

    I think this could be the greatest thing I have ever seen on TV. And while I may be prone to hyperbole (I, in fact, wear a t-shirt with the word "hyperbole" on it) watching Jon imitate Glenn Beck's utterly ridiculous show was both gut-wrenchingly hilarious and also gut-wrenchingly painful. Painful, because of how many people BELIEVE every ludicrous thing this man makes up on a daily basis.
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    Tucker Carlson

    My loathing for shows like Crossfire and dickweeds like Tucker Carlson is really quite shocking. Never, ever quote these kinds of bulls**t, talking head, know-nothing pundits to me in a discussion unless you don't mind talking over my ranting. When Jon went on Crossfire and showed Carlson just what a f**king pretender he was... I was standing on my couch cheering through my tears of joy.
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    Jim Kramer

    This was stellar. I'm not even talking about when Jim came on the Daily Show, but really, the whole thing. The perfect ripping down of the curtain these guys stand behind. I just wish that there were more lasting repercussions when Jon reminds us that the Emperor wears no clothes. Sadly, nothing much ever comes from it except the fleeting satisfaction of watching someone else say just what you want to.
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    Seven Awesome Minutes of Awesome.
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    Sean Hannity

    This was not as satisfying as some moments, just because Hannity oozes so much sleaze every time he talks that I find myself smoothing down the hairs on my arms every time. He apologized, but he did it with such winky smugness.... really, his only defense... that it just made me kind of irritated that he didn't rise to Jon's bait. I know that he knew better than to give us what we wanted ( a showdown with Jon that he would certainly lose ) but it was still kind of good to see him forced to say anything at all.
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    Fox News

    This isn't the right video... the right one is from 10/29/09, you can see it on the Daily Show site. But really, Stewart takes on Fox all the time. This was just a particularly perfect little piece.
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