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My Favorite Places to Backpack

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These places are stunning.. bring your pack and head out.
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    Paria River

    This is one of my favorite hikes of all time. It can be done in two and half days if you push hard, but it's better done in a leisurely 4 day 3 night jaunt. Don't go in the early spring, the water is too cold to make it enjoyable. In the early summer or early fall is best -- tho watch for flash flooding in early fall. It's dramatic and gorgeous and every corner you turn, you get a new canyon. Fabulous.
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    Too many great hikes in this area to count, but some of my favorites are Death Hollow and Coyote Gulch. Either one of those will give you a real (tho totally different) taste of the Escalante basin. Coyote is a little longer, but more traditional... while Death Hollow gives you a day's worth of hiking over the sandstone along the Boulder Mail Trail.
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    Vancouver Island

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    Capitol Peak

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