My Top 10 Lightweight & Durable Digital Cameras Digital Cameras
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My Top 10 Lightweight & Durable Digital Cameras

These are the Dan Merkel Gallery-approved recommendations for the best lightweight and durable digital cameras. Because you don't always want to carry your big ol' SLR everywhere. Note that none of these have less than a 4.0 resolution, because if you're going to go less than 4.0, you really shouldn't even be bothering with a camera at all. Or at least, not anything bigger than your phone camera.
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  1. 1
    Leica More
  2. 2
    Nikon More
  3. 3
    Olympus More
  4. 4
    Pentax More
  5. 5
    Nikon More
  6. 6
    Samsung Electronics More
  7. 7
    Kodak More
  8. 8
    Pentax More
  9. 9
    Ricoh More
  10. 10
    Samsung Electronics More

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