My top 10 Rock Keyboardists Bands/Musicians
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My top 10 Rock Keyboardists

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  1. 10

    Associated Acts: The Doors

    Key Tracks: Light my Fire, People are Strange, Riders on the Storm, The End, Love Street

  2. 9

    Associated Acts: Focus, solo

    Key Tracks: Round Goes the Gossip, Anonymus II, Eruption, Hpcus Pocus, Sylvia

  3. 8

    Associated Acts: UK, Roxy Music

    Key Tracks: Night After Night, Rendevous 6:02, Danger Money, Carrying no Cross, Thirty Years

  4. 7

    Associated Acts: Genesis

    Key Tracks: Firth of Fifth, The Cinema Show, In the Cage, Riding the Cage, Duke's Travels

  5. 6
  6. 5

    Associated Acts: Yes, Refugee, solo

    Key Tracks: Credo, Grand Canyon, Ritt Mickley (Refugee), The Gates of Delirium, Ritual (Yes)

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