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My Top 20 Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Films

My top twenty Shaws. Chang Cheh got the majority of the spots, but everyone who's seen his films knows why. And of course he made more films than any other director at Shaw. Anyway here they are. If you missed any of these I highly recommend checking them out.

My Top 20 Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Films Films
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    3 Evil Masters A young kungfu student helps save the life of a stranger who he later finds out is a great kungfu and sword master. in return for his good deed the man agrees to teach him. unfortunately his current

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    Shaolin Mantis A ching spy is sent to infiltrate a family that is suspected of being revolutionaries. he falls in love with the daughter and marries her. soon after the spy finds out that the family members are

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  3. 3

    To Kill A Mastermind The Chi Sha society of killers secretly hunt down and kill the members of the Yang Society, a government backed organization responsible for killing followers of the Chi Sha. However, the seven

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    rated: 10 Monkey Kung Fu (Stroke of Death) Ching, a small-time crook, is sent to prison. There he meets a one-eyed master who has been sentenced to death. Shortly before he is executed, he gives Ching a wooden keepsake, half of which is

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    Two Champions of Shaolin Dramatically set amidst the splendor of the infamous Ching Dynasty period, "Two Champions Of Shaolin" follows the story of two young warriors from the rebel Shaolin Clan who are engaged in a

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  6. 6

    Deadly Breaking Sword Known as "The Deadly Breaking Sword," matchless swordsman Tuan Changqing (Ti Lung) certainly lives up to his nickname, breaking off an inch of his blade in the body of every opponent he

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  7. 7

    Five Superfighters When kung-fu film fans see the title Five Superfighters, they know they're going to see one of director John Lo Mar's best flat-out, fight-filled, non-stop minimal martial arts masterpieces. The plot

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    rated: 10 Abbot of Shaolin (Slice of Death) The Shaolin Temple has long been opposed to the Ching government, but the Chings control the army and have banned modern weapons make resistance nearly impossible. The High Abbot of Shaolin Temple

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  9. 9

    rated: 10 Invincible Shaolin An evil Qing warlord (Wong Lung Wei) comes up with a brilliant plan to rid the Qing Empire of the Shaolin masters. He invites three Shaoliners to his mansion and has them fight it out with three

  10. 10

    Rendevous With Death Hsin Hsuan (Wang Yu) an expert swordsman, kills four professional killers appointed by the prince to escort a chest reportedly to contain valuables to Hsi An, and is appointed to complete the mission.

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  11. 11

    Crippled Avengers Crippled Avengers' antagonist is Tiger Dao Tian-Du (Chen Kuan-Tai), a man who was once heroic until his wife is killed and his son Dao Chang (Lu Feng) has his hands taken off by a rival clan. Turning

  12. 12

    Life Gamble Legendary director chang cheh teamed his latest biggest stars. alexander fu sheng with f*ture venoms lo meng and kuo chue to create another winner in his film vaunted filmography. joining them were

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  13. 13

    Ten Tigers from Kwangtung Shaw Brothers' top ten stars take on the mantle of the famed Canton Ten Tigers. Witness various rare forms of martial arts, including the Beggar's Pole and the Mermaid's Tail; as well as more

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  14. 14

    The Magic Blade Director Chu Yuan has been hailed as the premiere screen interpreter of famed author Ku Lung's martial arts novels, and this is one of their best. This exciting tale of two rival swordsmen in imperial

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  15. 15

    Shaolin Martial Arts After the destruction of the Shaolin Temple, the Chings are in control and send their best students to wipe out all of the remaining Shaolin practioners. They almost succeed, but two students escape

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    Eight Diagram Pole Fighter The Master killer and The Venoms fight side by side in this all-time old school classic. A heroic family is double crossed and massacred on the battle field and only two brothers - Gordon Liu (The

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  17. 17

    Men from the Monastery Shaolin firebrands Fang Shih-yu, Hung Hsi-kuan, and Hu Huei-chien are as famous in Asia as the Three Musketeers are in America and Europe. So when the "godfather of the kung-fu film," Chang

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  18. 18

    Gang Master This is no street gang or gang of mobsters. It's a Yuan Dynasty army, out to destroy the Hsien Lung "gang" of anti-Yuan revolutionaries. Their leader is the redoubtable Chen Kuan-tai, the

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    Judgement of the Assassin Sun Chung was already a valued comedy, romance, and modern crime filmmaker, when, through this tale of the 100 Poison Clique's obsessive ambition to destroy all rivals, he started bringing morality

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    The Assassin During the Six Kingdoms era the Chun Empire is stronger than all others in Chinaand launches constant attacks on neighboring areas.The king of the Han Empire, a weak character, has allowed his uncle

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