Natural Art Artists
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Natural Art

List of the most notable Natural art artists. Natural art is an art form that is created in nature, using natural materials such as soil, rock and water. It could be also understood as an artistic protest against the perceived artificiality, plastic aesthetics and ruthless commercialization of art. (from Wikipedia). It's evolving from Land, Environmental and Site-specific art and it's related to now evolving Proactive Art.
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    Chalk Circle, White Water Line, Small White Pebble Circles

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    Jacek Tylicki Since 1973 Jacek Tylicki lays out blank canvases or paper sheets in the ...

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    Roof, Faultline, Ice left by the tide/Stacked and frozen/Worked quickly ...

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    Untitled, from the series Silueta Works in Iowa, Imagen de Yagul, from the ...

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    Jackie Brookner


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