NERVO's Top 10 Women in Electronic Music Bands/Musicians
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NERVO's Top 10 Women in Electronic Music

The music DJ duo, NERVO, took some time out during their US tour to give us their top picks of women in electronic music that inspire them. These artists are some of the best in the genre, including pop divas Robyn and Princess Superstar to indie/punk stars like Peaches and Imogen Heap.

Be sure to check out more on NERVO on their official site and see their videos on Youtube.

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  1. 7

    DJ Lottie

    Was one of the 1st female DJs we fell in love with. She would tour in Australia and we would sneak out to see her.

  2. 8

    Love the Mason's and Princess Superstar Mash up - 'Perfect'. Love how cheeky Princess Superstar is. Also love her song "Bad Babysitter".

  3. 9

    Allison Goldfrapp

    Goldfrapp are one of our favourite electronic bands. Their glam rock, synth pop sound is something that really inspired us.

  4. 10

    'Standing In The Way Of Control' is still a stand out record. Beth's voice is like no other and he energy on stage is electric.

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