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New Movie Trailers 2012

The 2012 movie trailers is your guide to the all the movie previews for upcoming 2012 films. Click here for a complete guide to all of the movies coming out in 2012. What new movies are coming out in 2012? New movie trailers for 2012 releases of film franchises you love will be listed here as they are released. Click here for 2012 Action Movies. What movies are coming out in 2012? Easily searchable, sortable and viewable without leaving Ranker, you can watch all the trailers for upcoming 2012 movies. The most recent 2012 movie previews will be at the top of the list, you can also switch the list to infostyle to see more trailers on the page and sort alphabetically.

Click here if you want to check out 2013 new movie trailers or 2011 movie trailers for last years hits.
  1. 116
    2012 More
    Moonrise Kingdom Trailer"Moonrise Kingdom" tells the story of two twelve-year-olds ... more
  2. 119
    2012 More
    ATM TrailerOn a late night visit to an ATM, three coworkers end up in a desperate fight for ... more
  3. 81
    A Fantastic Fear of Everything TrailerJack is a children's author turned crime novelist whose ... more
  4. 13
    2013 More
    The Host TrailerOur world has been invaded by an unseen enemy. Humans become hosts for these ... more
  5. 120
    2011 More
    Haywire TrailerA special ops agent is double crossed and she must fight for her life while ... more
  6. 75
    2012 More
  7. 86
    2012 More
    Ted TrailerSometimes you just an't let go of your childhood best friend.Starring: Mark ...
  8. 58
    2011 More
    The Inbetweeners TrailerBased on the British TV series of the same name, it follows the ...
  9. 59
    2012 More
    Total Recall TrailerBased on the novel by Philip K. Dick, not the older movie.Starring: Colin ... more
  10. 56
    2013 More
  11. 76
    2013 More
  12. 45
    2012 More
    Liberal Arts TrailerA middle-aged man finds more than he bargained for when returning to ... more
  13. 19
    2005 More
  14. 42
    2012 More
  15. 63
    2012 More
    Celeste and Jesse Forever TrailerFalling in love and getting married right out high school ... more
  16. 101
    2012 More
    Piranha 3DD TrailerThose killer fish are on the loose, this time in a water park.Starring: ... more
  17. 104
    2011 More
    Bernie TrailerStarring: Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughey and Rip TornRelease ... more
  18. 4
    2013 More
    Pacific Rim TrailerIn the future, the world is plagued by giant monsters called ...
  19. 40
    2012 More
    Seven Psychopaths TrailerA screenwriter gets involved in the Los Angeles underworld.Starring: ... more
  20. 100
    1984 More
    Frankenweenie TrailerThe young Victor loses his dog and devises a way to bring him ...
  21. 8
    2013 More
    After Earth TrailerIn a distant future, all of mankind has left Earth as it has become ...
  22. 130
    2012 More
    The Lorax TrailerBased on the children's book by Dr. Suess, "The Lorax" is on a ... more
  23. 11
    2013 More
    Jack the Giant Slayer Trailer"Jack the Giant Slayer" is a dark retelling of the ... more
  24. 15
    2013 More
    World War Z TrailerOne man's race around the world to stop the growing zombie ...
  25. 30
    2012 More
    "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" trailerTelling the story that started it all, ... more

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