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List of "Noah" movie quotes. "Noah" tells the story of the title character in the film inspired by the biblical story of the great flood. The film was directed by Darren Aronofsky, who co-wrote the screenplay with Ari Handel. In 2D and IMAX, "Noah" opened in the United States on March 28, 2014.

In "Noah," the story follows the title character (Russell Crowe) and his family in the Book of Genesis. Noah hears from God that there is too much wickedness on earth and that He plans to wipe out humanity with a massive flood. But with this news Noah also gets some pretty specific instructions to build an ark which can keep him, his family, (including wife Naameh (Jennifer Connelly), sons Ham (Logan Lerman), Shem (Douglas Booth) and Japeth (Leo McHugh) plus Shem's wife, Ila (Emma Watson)), and hundreds of animals, safe from the flood.

So, on the advice of his grandfather Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins), among others, Noah begins work on this massive ark. He does so however with some resistance, mainly from Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone), who vows to destroy Noah and take control of the ark. This creates quite the difficult situation for Noah who has a huge responsibility on his shoulders.

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Death by Water

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Methuselah: "My father said that one day, if man continued in his ways, the creator would annihilate this world."
Noah: "It may not be averted."
Methuselah: "He speaks to you. You must trust that he speaks in a way that you can understand."
Noah: "I saw water, death by water. Then I saw new life."

Noah and grandfather Methuselah discuss what Noah was told and what he saw, mainly that an apocalypse is coming from a massive flood. As Methuselah urges, Noah believes this and takes it upon him to save his family from this destruction.
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A Great Flood Is Coming

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Noah: "A great flood is coming! We build a vessel to survive the fall! We build an ark."

Noah expresses his intent to save his family and continue the existence of animals. To survive the flood, he will build an ark.
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We Have to Protect the Innocent

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Noah: "We have to protect the innocent."
Tubal-cain: "If you really think you could protect yourself from me…"
Noah: "It's no protection from you."

As Noah points out to Tubal-cain, he is not building this ark to save his people from tubal-cain, but rather to protect them from something much more powerful and destructive.
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The Choice Was Put in Your Hands for a Reason

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Ila: "You saw the wickedness of man. I knew you would not look away. The choice was put in your hands for a reason."

Ila gives Noah a pep talk and reminds him that he was given this vast responsibility for a reason and he cannot take it lightly.
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Is This the End of Everything?

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Ila: "Is this the end of everything?"
Noah: "The beginning! The beginning of everything!"

Ila is concerned about what will happen when the flood arrives. She wonders if this will be the end of them all while Noah sees this as a new beginning.
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We Take the Ark

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Tubal-cain: "This rain is meant to wash us off the face of this world… We kill Noah! We take the ark!"

Tubal-cain finally gets the hint and realizes that the rain will soon flood the planet and kill them all. Rather than try to make nice with Noah to get on the ark and be safe, he chooses to try to take the ark by force.
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It Cannot Be Stopped but It Can Be Survived

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Noah: "Our family has a great task. A great flood is coming. It cannot be stopped but it can be survived."

Noah breaks down what is going on to his family. They have the task of making this massive ark to survive the flood. They can't prevent the flood but if they work together, they can ride it out safely.
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I'm Not Alone!

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Noah: "What do you want?"
Tubal-cain: "You don't know your king."
Noah: "There isn't anything for you here."
Tubal-cain: "I have men at my back, you stand alone and defy me?"
Noah: "I'm not alone!"

Tubal-cain isn't interested in Noah's vision to save himself from the flood and confronts Noah. While Tubal-cain thinks that Noah is easily defeated, he doesn't know the others Noah has behind him.