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Nocturnal Animals movie quotes help tell the story of the film about a woman dealing with her past with her ex-husband and the novel he dedicated to her in an act of revenge. The psychological thriller was written and directed by Tom Ford, who adapted the screenplay from the novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright. Nocturnal Animals opened in theaters on November 18, 2016.

In these Nocturnal Animals movie quotes, three separate yet connected stories are told. In the first, Susan (Amy Adams) is an affluent but quite unhappy art gallery owner. One day, she receives a manuscript for a book written by her ex-husband, Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal), titled Nocturnal Animals, which was a nickname Edward gave to Susan for her tendency to rarely sleep. 

The book tells the story of Tony (also Jake Gyllenhaal) and how he deals with justice after his wife (Isla Fisher) and daughter (Ellie Bamber) are kidnapped and later killed by three men (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Karl Glusman and Robert Aramayo). Tony ends up taking justice into his own hands, despite help from Detective Bobby Andes (Michael Shannon). As Susan reads the book, she reflects on her current life and when she met Edward, which left him with lasting anger and prompted him to write this book for her.

Nocturnal Animals opened in theaters alongside the likes of Manchester by the Sea, Bleed for This, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Edge of Seventeen.  

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When You Love Someone

Edward: When you love someone, you have to be careful with it. You might never get it again. 

In speaking to Susan, Edward warns her that love is delicate. As noted in this Nocturnal Animals movie quote, you must be careful with your loved ones as your time together is finite at best.

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Life Has Turned Into Something You Never Imagined

Susan: Do you ever feel like your life has turned into something you never intended? 
Alessia: I'm worried about you. Were you sleeping? You scared me the last time we talked.
Susan: You know me. I never sleep. 

Susan appears to be at a turning point in her life in these Nocturnal Animals movie quotes. Her actions are scaring others and it doesn't appear that she knows what's happening in life, or sleeping.

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My Ex-husband Used to Call Me a Nocturnal Animal

Susan: My ex-husband used to call me a nocturnal animal.
Alex: I didn't know you had an ex-husband.
Susan: I've been thinking about him a lot lately. Then recently he sent me this book that he's written. It's violent and it's sad and he dedicated it to me.
Alex: Did you love him?
Susan: I did something horrible to him, something unforgivable. I loved him in a brutal way.

Susan explains to Alex her history with her ex-husband, Edward, and why he named a book after her called Nocturnal Animals. Susan and Edward have a brutal history and this book is how he is expressing those feelings about it.

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How Serious You Are About Seeing Justice Done

Tony: What are we going to do?
Detective Andes: It's a question about how serious you are about seeing justice done.

Tony questions Detective Andes about what the police can do to the men who kidnapped his wife and daughter. As Andes explains in these Nocturnal Animals movie quotes, there are a wide array of options, including some which go outside the law.

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Nobody Gets Away with That You Did

Ray: It's fun to kill people. You should try it sometime.
Tony: Nobody gets away with what you did, nobody.

Still seething from the kidnapping of his wife and daughter, Tony confronts one of the men responsible, Ray. Ray, however, isn't too concerned with what Tony feels or the fact that he killed Tony's loved ones.

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You're Supposed to Stop When There's an Accident

Ray: Good evening
Tony: Good evening
Ray: You know you're supposed to stop when there's an accident, right?
Tony: Oh yeah
Ray: Then why didn't you stop then? ... That won't work. No signal here. You're not supposed to leave the scene of an accident. It's a crime.
Laura: After the way you were driving?
Ray: I'm sorry, what'd you say?
Laura: Just, the way you were driving was crazy.
Ray: Hey, Turk.
Laura: Don't come any closer!
Tony: All right, sir
Laura: Please just get back in your car now.
Ray: Lady, lady, lady, calm down. We got an accident report. That's all. Hey lady, lady, lady.
Tony: It's just a flashlight, that's all. It's all right.
Ray: Jesus christ
Tony: So let's just exchange information.
Ray: Information? Let's exchange information. I'm a Gemini. My favorite color's pale pink. I like long walks and kittens. 

It doesn't take long within these Nocturnal Animals movie quotes for Tony, Laura and daughter India to realize that Ray is a little off. Sure, they didn't stop after the accident, but who would stop for a mad man like Ray?

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You'll Regret It

Susan: Edward? Hi!
Edward: Susan, it's good to see you. You look beautiful, as always.
Edward: Do you know that you were my first crush?
Susan: You were my first crush too.
Anne: Don't do this. He's too weak for you. The things you love about him now are the thing's you'll hate. You'll regret it.

In scenes that span various time frames, Susan and Edward meet in New York and fall in love over dinner. In another scene, Susan's mother, Anne, warns her against marrying him, and it turns out she was right.

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What You Got to Say

Detective Andes: What you got to say about this man's wife and daughter?
Lou: I don't know nothing about that. I never seen them before in my life.
Detective Andes: What you going to tell me about Ray and Turk?
Lou: Who?
Detective Andes: Who? What are you, an owl? Are you an owl?
Lou: I never heard of them.
Detective Andes: Never heard of them?
Lou: No, sir
Detective Andes: All right

Detective Andes tries to get information out of Lou after Lou, Ray and Turk kidnapped Tony's wife and daughter. Lou, however, isn't willing to even admit to knowing Ray and Turk, which doesn't lead to a lot of other information.