The Best Quotes About Comfort Quotations

The Best Quotes About Comfort

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A list of the best comfort quotes and sayings, including the names of each speaker or author when available. This list is sorted by popularity, so only the most famous comfort quotes are at the top. The authors of these historic comfort quotes are displayed next to each quote, so if you see one you like be sure to check out other inspirational comfort quotes from that same writer.

This list answers the questions, "What are the best quotes about comfort?" and "What are inspirational comfort quotes?"

This list includes notable comfort quotes by various authors, writers, playwrights, speakers, politicians, athletes, poets, and more. Vote on your favorites so that the greatest comfort quotes rise to the top, as the order of the list changes dynamically based on votes. Don't let your favorite comfort sayings get to the bottom of the list.

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    The lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house as a guest, and then becomes a host, and then a master.

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    A scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar.

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    Do not assume that she who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. Her life may also have much sadness and difficulty, that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, she would never have been able to find these words.

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    To be scared is sensible, to be comfortable is suicidal.

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    Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

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    No woman has ever so comforted the distressed or distressed the comfortable. -- On Eleanor Roosevelt

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