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quotations The Best Quotes About Equality  

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No man is above the law, and no man is below it. Theodore Roosevelt

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We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Thomas Jefferson

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All people are equal, it is not birth, it is virtue alone that makes the difference. Voltaire

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A friend to everybody and to nobody is the same thing.

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I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed; We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal Martin Luther King^! Jr.

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Equality consists in the same treatment of similar persons. Aristotle

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The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. Aristotle

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Equality is the public recognition, effectively expressed in institutions and manners, of the principle that an equal degree of attention is due to the needs of all human beings. Simone Weil

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The principle of equality does not destroy the imagination, but lowers its flight to the level of the earth. Alexis de Tocqueville

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All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die. Bob Dylan

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Equality, in a social sense, may be divided into that of condition and that of rights. Equality of condition is incompatible with civilization, and is found only to exist in those communities that are but slightly removed from the savage state. In practice, it can only mean a common misery. James Fenimore Cooper

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Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact. Honoré de Balzac

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The deadly Hydra now is the hydra of Equality. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is the three-fanged serpent. D. H. Lawrence

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No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimeter nearer. George Orwell

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Nature has never read the Declaration of Independence. It continues to make us unequal. Will Durant

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Six feet of earth make all men equal.

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“Equality must be maintained, if it is promised.” Janet Morris, Chris Morris

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All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. George Orwell

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The trauma of the Sixties persuaded me that my generation's egalitarianism was a sentimental error. I now see the hierarchical as both beautiful and necessary. Efficiency liberates; egalitarianism tangles, delays, blocks, deadens. Camille Paglia

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We are all alike, on the inside. Mark Twain

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Between persons of equal income there is no social distinction except the distinction of merit. Money is nothing: character, conduct, and capacity are everything. There would be great people and ordinary people and little people, but the great would always be those who had done great things, and never the idiots whose mothers had spoiled them and whose fathers had left them a hundred thousand a year; and the little would be persons of small minds and mean characters, and not poor persons who had never had a chance. That is why idiots are always in favor of inequality of income (their only chance of eminence), and the really great in favor of equality. George Bernard Shaw

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The doctrine of equality! There exists no more poisonous poison: for it seems to be preached by justice itself, while it is the end of justice. Friedrich Nietzsche

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Subordination tends greatly to human happiness. Were we all upon an equality, we should have no other enjoyment than mere animal pleasure. Samuel Johnson

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The intelligence suffers today automatically in consequence of the attack on all authority, advantage, or privilege. These things are not done away with, it is needless to say, but numerous scapegoats are made of the less politically powerful, to satisfy the egalitarian rage awakened. Wyndham Lewis

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It is better that some should be unhappy than that none should be happy, which would be the case in a general state of equality. Samuel Johnson

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It is not true that people are naturally equal for no two people can be together for even a half an hour without one acquiring an evident superiority over the other. Samuel Johnson

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The beginning of reform is not so much to equalize property as to train the noble sort of natures not to desire more, and to prevent the lower from getting more. Aristotle

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A commitment to sexual equality with males is a commitment to becoming the rich instead of the poor, the rapist instead of the raped, the murderer instead of the murdered. Andrea Dworkin

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We were equals once when we lay new-born babes on our nurse's knees. We will be equal again when they tie up our jaws for the last sleep. Olive Schreiner

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Just as modern mass production requires the standardization of commodities, so the social process requires standardization of man, and this standardization is called equality. Erich Fromm

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That all men are equal is a proposition to which, at ordinary times, no sane human being has ever given his assent. Aldous Huxley

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Some will always be above others. Destroy the inequality today, and it will appear again tomorrow. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The most mediocre of males feels himself a demigod as compared with women. Simone de Beauvoir

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An earthly kingdom cannot exist without inequality of persons. Some must be free, some serfs, some rulers, some subjects. Martin Luther

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The battle for women's rights has been largely won. Margaret Thatcher

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In America everybody is of opinion that he has no social superiors, since all men are equal, but he does not admit that he has no social inferiors. Bertrand Russell

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Perfect love cannot be without equality.

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By nature all men are equal in liberty, but not in other endowments. Thomas Aquinas

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You cannot have all chiefs; you gotta have Indians too.