Famous Drowning Victims

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A list of famous drowning victims. These notable people drowned either by accident or intentionally. May we recommend learning to swim or learn to defend yourself so that you don't have to join this list of famous drowning deaths and victims. Not even celebrities are immune to drowning, and many unfortunately have bitten the big one this way. Many of the names on this list should be familiar, even if the way they died may not be as famous as their larger than life personalities.

Who are famous drowning victims? Take a look at this list and you'll see for yourself.
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    Albert Ayler is listed (or ranked) 51 on the list Famous Drowning Victims

    Albert Ayler Died at 34 (1936-1970) Jazz musician, suspected suicide

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    István Kertész is listed (or ranked) 52 on the list Famous Drowning Victims

    István Kertész Died at 44 (1929-1973) Orchestral conductor, accident, 16 April 1973

  3. 53

    Died at 68 (1911-1979) War criminal and leader of the Nazi human experimentation programme, drowned while swimming off the Brazilian coast in 1979

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    Hart Crane is listed (or ranked) 54 on the list Famous Drowning Victims

    Hart Crane Died at 33 (1899-1932) Poet; suicide in the Caribbean.

  5. 55

    Died at 43 (1938-1981) Actress, drowned in a yachting accident in 1981; the accident raised several suspicions and murder was considered.

  6. 56

    Died at 25 (1958-1983) Running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, accidentally drowned in 1983 while trying to save three children who were screaming for help.

  7. 57

    Died at 39 (1944-1983) One of the members of the Beach Boys, in 1983

  8. 58

    Died at 36 (1947-1983) NBC and PBS broadcaster and reporter, drowned when her car went off the road during a heavy rainstorm into a canal. Her car sank upside down in the mud and filled with water on 23 October 1983.

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    Carol Wayne is listed (or ranked) 59 on the list Famous Drowning Victims

    Carol Wayne Died at 43 (1942-1985) American actress who drowned under mysterious circumstances in Manzanillo, Mexico in 1985.

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    Jerry Anderson is listed (or ranked) 60 on the list Famous Drowning Victims

    Jerry Anderson 60 Former NFL football player who drowned while saving a boy who had fallen into a flooded creek in 1989.

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    Jim Hodder Died at 43 (1947-1990) American drummer who drowned in his pool in 1990.

  12. 62

    Died at 68 (1923-1991) Newspaper magnate, disappeared from his yacht under mysterious circumstances in 1991, body later recovered off the coast of Tenerife

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    Tom Mees Died at 47 (1949-1996) Longtime sportscaster for ESPN, drowned while trying to rescue his 4 year old daughter in a neighbor's swimming pool, in 1996. The daughter survived.

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    Jeff Buckley is listed (or ranked) 64 on the list Famous Drowning Victims

    Jeff Buckley Died at 31 (1966-1997) Singer-songwriter, drowned in the Wolf River in Memphis, Tennessee in 1997

  15. 65

    Died at 63 (1941-2004) Born 1941, in a suspected suicide in New York City's East River in 2004.

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    �douard Michelin French businessman, drowned while fishing near the island of Sein in northwest France, in 2006., in the Philippines in 2006

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    Édouard Michelin Died at 43 (1963-2006) French businessman, drowned while fishing near the island of Sein in northwest France, in 2006., in the Philippines in 2006

  18. 68

    Died at 68 (1938-2006) Distinguished Filipino educator and university president, accidentally drowned off the coast of Morong, Bataan

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    Died at 30 (1977-2007)

  20. 70

    Died at 25 (1982-2007) Defensive End for the

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    Died at 53 (1954-2007) BBC World Service executive, drowned (suicide) at sea at Felixstowe

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    Katoucha Niane is listed (or ranked) 72 on the list Famous Drowning Victims

    Katoucha Niane Died at 48 (1960-2008) French model, drowned in the Seine in 2008.

  23. 73

    Died at 65 (1943-2008) Canadian ice hockey player, drowned after his snowmobile fell through thin ice in

  24. 74

    Died at 34 (278-312) Roman Emperor, drowned in the Tiber River during the chaos of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge on October, 28, 312.

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    Oph�lie Bretnacher A french student, drowned in the Danube between December 2008 and February 2009.

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