Famous Drowning Victims People
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Famous Drowning Victims

A list of famous drowning victims. These notable people drowned either by accident or intentionally. May we recommend learning to swim or learn to defend yourself so that you don't have to join this list of famous drowning deaths and victims. Not even celebrities are immune to drowning, and many unfortunately have bitten the big one this way. Many of the names on this list should be familiar, even if the way they died may not be as famous as their larger than life personalities.

Who are famous drowning victims? Take a look at this list and you'll see for yourself.
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    Tiberinus Silvius, ninth Latin king of Rome

    Drowned in the River Tiber, which was named after him
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    A student of the mathematician Pythagoras, who, by some accounts, was drowned by his fellow ... more
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    Committed ritual suicide as a form of protest against the corruption of the era, a sacrifice ... more
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    Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator

    Drowned in the Nile in 47 BC
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    Lover of Roman Emperor Hadrian, drowned in the Nile in 130; the grieving emperor commissioned ... more
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    It is, however, suggested that he died of excessive drinking or mercury poisoning.
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    William Adelin

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    Son of king Henry I of England, drowned in the Channel on 25 November 1120 in the White Ship ... more
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    Matilda, Countess of Perches

    Countess of Perches. Daughter of king Henry I of England, drowned in the Channel on 25 ...
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    Duke of Swabia and Holy Roman Emperor, drowned in the Göks River (Cilicia).
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    Henry of Antioch

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    Henry of Poitiers or Henri de Poitiers, drowned at sea on 18 June/27 June/28 June 1276, son of ... more
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    Magnus II of Norway

    1048 More
    1316 - 1374
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    John of Nepomuk

    1345 More
    Martyred by drowning in 1393.
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    Henry Holland

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    1430 � 1475
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    Executed for treason against his brother king Edward IV of England on 1478, by drowning in a ... more
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    Portuguese explorer who sailed around the Cape of Good Hope. Drowned not far from the Cape of ... more
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    1506 More
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    Felix Manz

    1498 More
    Co-founder of the Swiss Anabaptists, was drowned in 1527 in the Limmat River in Z�rich by the ... more
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    A Portuguese poet and writer of Sephardi Jewish origin, drowned on 4 November 1621
  19. 19
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    Stadholder of the Low Countries, in 1711
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    Miguel Of Braganza

    bitched son of King Peter II of Portugal, in the Tagus River on 13 January 1724
  21. 21

    Peter Artedi

    1705 More
    A disciple of Linnaeus, considered the father of Ichthyology, fell by accident in a channel of ... more
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    1792 More
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    Charles Clement Johnston

    1795 More
    U.S. Representatives from Virginia, drown in Atlantic near a dock in Alexandria, Virginia in ... more
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    1837 More
    English naturalist and geologist in 1862.
  25. 25
    1815 More
    Former Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, drowned in the Brazos River near ...

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