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Halliburton The Top Halliburton Employees

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List of notable or famous Halliburton employees, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list is a directory of the best Halliburton employees, showcasing only the most prominent Halliburton employees of all time. This list features past and present top Halliburton managers, including both current and retired Halliburton executives and alumni. Well-known Halliburton staff along with current and former Halliburton employees were and still are crucial to the company's success, as without these hard working men and women Halliburton would never be what it is today.

People include everything from Dick Cheney to David J. Lesar.

This renowned Halliburton employees list answers the questions, "What famous people have worked at Halliburton?" and "Who are the most famous Halliburton employees?"

Andrew R Lane

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C Christopher Gaut

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Craig W Nunez

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David John Lesar is Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Halliburton Energy Services. Trained as a Certified Public Accountant, Lesar spent 16 years at Arthur Andersen. He had spent most of his career at Andersen, where he worked on their Halliburton account. In 1995, Lesar was hired ...more

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David Rich Smith

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Richard Bruce Cheney (born January 30, 1941) served as the 46th Vice President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 in the administration of George W. Bush. Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, but soon moved with his family to Casper, Wyoming, where he grew up. He began his political career as ...more

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Lawrence J Pope

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