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Official 2010 Celebrity Deaths: 2010 Famous Deaths List People
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Official 2010 Celebrity Deaths: 2010 Famous Deaths List

List Criteria: List was updated throughout 2010 so the people at the top of the list passed on closest to the end of the year

List of celebrity deaths in 2010 is a round-up of celebrities who died in 2010. This celebrity death list was updated every time a notable celebrity met their death in 2010. The more recent deaths are listed at the top of this list. Celebrity deaths in 2010 includes dead writers, dead poets, dead celebrities, dead actors, dead actresses, and dead TV personalities. This famous deaths list has any notable deaths in 2010 as it happened. See also the 2012 Famous Deaths list and the 2011 celebrity deaths list as well as the more recent famous celebrity deaths 2013 and famous dead celebs 2014 for up to date celebrity deaths.

This list of 2010 famous deaths can be sorted by any column and the more recently deceased famous people can be found at the top. May they all rest in peace. This list allows you to remember the great talents that have passed in 2010.

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  9. 1952 Actor famous for roles in Tim Burton films including Otho in Beetljuice. Died from inter-cranial bleed from a fall. 9/7/2010 ...

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  15. Dick Johnson 1925

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  17. 1948 Known as "The Assassin," Jack Tatum, safety guard for the Oakland Raiders, died of a heart attack on July 27, ...

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  19. 1953 Cofounder of the Isley Brothers

  20. 1939 Creator of the American Splendor underground comic book

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