25 Old Celebrities You Didn't Realize Are Still Alive People
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25 Old Celebrities You Didn't Realize Are Still Alive

List of famous people you didn't realize are still alive. These old actors and actresses were stars decades ago, but have dropped off the face of the planet in recent years. Maybe you thought it was because they died. It wasn't. They just had other things to do. This list includes some of the oldest living actors who were once acclaimed by critics and nominated for many prestigious awards, including Kirk Douglas, Doris Day, and Gene Wilder.

Just because these stars are out of the limelight doesn't mean they've passed on. Many are still working hard in their old age, though not necessarily in entertainment. Some, like Doris Day now dedicate their time to nonprofits and causes close to their hears. Day fights for animal rights and welfare.

Which old actors are still alive? You might be surprised to find out.

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