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The movie adaptation of 'One Day' features some great, memorable quotes. Some of the best 'One Day' movie quotes involve quips made by Emma Morley (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess), as they try to navigate life and each other. 'One Day' is an adaptation of the best-selling novel by David Nicholls. It follows the lives of Emma and Dex for 20 years, offering a snapshot of one day each year. Sometimes they're together as friends, sometimes they're not. If you've read the book, well, you know: This is a romance of the epic variety, but it's also gut-wrenching (we're keeping this spoiler-free). Enjoy these quotes from 'One Day,' and if you know of any we missed, feel free to add them to the list!

'One Day' was not well-reviewed by many of the top movie critics. Bad reviews might have hurt the film at the box office: 'One Day' opened to a dismal $5 million in it's opening weekend of release. The movie went on to gross more than $13 million in U.S. ticket sales. It was released on DVD on November 29, 2011.

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I Don't Like You Anymore

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Emma: "I love you, Dexter. I just don't like you anymore."

Dexter is a total a** at times, and loving him (even as a friend) can certainly be a challenge. It's one that Emma rises to, however. She's not afraid to call him out when he deserves it.
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Not Someone, You

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Dexter: "I need to speak to someone. Not someone - you."

When things go horribly wrong for Dexter, he automatically reaches out to Emma - even if they haven't talked for months. He may have a lot of casual flings (and one disastrous marriage), but he goes to the person that matters most when he needs real help (see: Emma).
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A Scented Candle

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Dexter: "If I could give you just one gift, do you know what it would be? Confidence. That or a scented candle."
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Not Bothered

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Emma: "I don't want you thinking I'm bothered or anything about last night. I don't want your phone number, or letters or postcards. I don't want to get married to you. Definitely don't want to have your babies. Whatever happens tomorrow, we've had today. And if we should bump into each other sometime in the f*ture, well that's fine too. We'll be friends."

Emma has absolutely no idea how fateful this hookup with Dexter Mayhew really is - it will change both of their lives, for the better. And yes, they'll bump into each other and yes, they'll be friends.
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Nothing Good Was Ever Easy

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Emma: "London's swallowed me up. I thought I'd make a difference, but no one knows I'm here."
Dexter: "Listen, listen. Nothing truly good was ever easy."

Emma is struggling to make it in London - and not doing very well. Dexter, in turn, is teaching in Paris, sleeping with his students, and generally being...Dexter. But his advice to Emma is spot on. Nothing good is easy - and that includes Dexter and Emma's relationship.
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We Need Rules

Emma: "I think we need some rules..."
Dexter: "Rules?!"
Emma: "I'm not taking any chances with our friendship. Separate bedrooms, no flirting and absolutely no skinny dipping."

Rules are made to be broken.
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Just Good Friends

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Dexter: "Emma and I are just good friends."
Alison: "You sure about that?"
Dexter: "Anyway, she's not my type."
Alison: "Which is exactly why I like her."

It's always great when Patricia Clarkson shows up in a movie - any movie. In 'One Day,' she plays Dex's mother, Alison.
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Wedding Invitations

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Emma: "Your wedding invitations are scented?!"
Dexter: "Lavender."
Emma: "No, Dex, money. They smell of money."