19 Organizations (Allegedly) Connected to the Illuminati

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It's not just entertainers and governmental bodies connected to the Illuminati. Many of the most powerful and well known fraternal organizations, think tanks, fraternities, religious organizations and professions are all in league with the Cabal, according to conspiracy theory believers.

Their goal is nothing less than total enslavement of the human race through mind control, police state laws, population culling, and constant tracking. All of this will be done to please the Dark Lord himself: Satan, the head of the Illuminati and the string-puller controlling all of the wealthy and powerful men at his disposal. They, in turn, through these many organizations and front groups, control us.

Sound confusing? It can be, given that virtually everyone in any kind of position of power is thought to be an Illuminati member. But do a little research, and the connections start to look more than theoretical. Here are 19 very real groups, from the Catholic Church to the Bilderberg Group, said to have strong ties to the Illuminati, doing their dark bidding and preparing us for the New World Order.
Collection Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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