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Your Oscar Picks 2014: Best Director

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List Criteria: Vote up the Oscar nominee you think SHOULD win the Academy Award for Best Directing 2014

The Oscar picks for the 2014 Best Director category are for the men behind the camera whose vision, attention to detail and commitment to excellence made the best films of the year. Who should win and who does win isn't always the same, especially like when the 2013 movies were so amazing, but that won't stop us from ranking them all right here.

Just as he won the 2013 Golden Globe for the same category, Alfonso Cuaron took home the 2014 Academy Award for his work on "Gravity." With just two actors, the vast setting of outer space and a whole bunch of computer graphics, Cauron taught a clinic in filmmaking with the 3D science-fiction drama "Gravity."

Though his "Gravity" was nothing short of masterful, Cuaron had good competition from other directors, especially those whose movies also earned Best Picture consideration like Steve McQueen and his painful but brutally honest "12 Years a Slave," David O. Russell with his highly praised "American Hustle," Alexander Payne whose "Nebraska" might be the best movie you haven't seen, and Martin Scorsese, with his "The Wolf of Wall Street."
Who are you liking for the Best Director award at the 2014 Oscars? Or more importantly, who should have won? Share your thoughts by voting for your favorites all below! Done here? Head over and give your picks for Best Actor and Best Actress too!
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    The Wolf of Wall Street

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    12 Years a Slave

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    Gravity **Winner**

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    American Hustle

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