Out Of Work: Best Job For Mitt Romney... Anything
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Out Of Work: Best Job For Mitt Romney...

List Criteria: Jobs for Mitty

Time for Mitty to hit the streets looking for a new job. Got any ideas? Well add them as my list is short. What's the perfect fit if there is one...
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    Sesame Street Character

    Mitt the Muppet....and todays word is caring...
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    Social Worker

    Maybe he should see how many REAL americans live...
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    Binder Factory Worker

    added by: Joanne
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    Used Car Salesman

    Biggest Bulls**tter Ever...
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    Tool Salesman

    Takes one to know one...
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    new! Selling Gym Memberships

    added by: stokified
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    get a realty show

    added by: kaylive
    worked for Sarah Palin.
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    Collect Unemployment

    added by: Dismalhead
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    Tollbooth collector

    added by: ethel merman
    Enjoys taking other people's money.
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    Sit Back and Watch the S

    added by: zxray
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    I hear Ringling Brothers are hiring...
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