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Ok, so these aren't all completely horrendous movies, but every last one of them is vastly overrated to nauseum. I haven't seen all the classics so maybe I'm missing something. But I can assume if any of these are on your top 50 you have failed to see true moving beauty in film. Either cause you just haven't seen enough movie or because you have no taste. Can't wait for negative feedback!
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I finally saw this after it was out for like a year. The fact that this is the highest grossing ever proves two things: 1)money can buy you buzz and 2) there is no god. The cliches in this movie are so painful I had to take morphine after the film. The meathead vet hero, the uncaring businessmen and military bad guys, the outmatched natives rallying to beat the occupiers. They don't even try to cover it up.just show us pictures of kittens being cute for five hours. That woulda been less offensive. The special effects WERE incredible, which made it all the worse. The whole world and creatures were about as inventive as well....I can't think of a comparison. They were completely uninventive/unoriginal. The writing and acting came out of a high school drama class. We might as well watch my brother in law play video games in 3d. You should feel ashamed as part of the human race.
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The only reason I can think why people "like" this POS is because it's disturbing. It's cool to be into something shocking, edgey. I guess there's the whole thing with the dude being tortured and if even a maniac deserves that. And how he ends up paying a karmatic price for a bad life. So basically a dude rapes and beats with out remorse, goes through a rough patch, then gets to go back to his horrible life. Maybe I just dont get it, but I think if we had at least some empathy with the main character the message would have more weight
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The most cliche contrived love story ever. Set your most typical love story to a dramatic historical landscape. Man, I should get into screenwriting. Had no idea it was that easy. Evil rich boyfriend vs the beautiful pauper. You realize Jim kameron is playing you like a fiddle? You realize you're a zoo animal to him, right? We have to wait 10 hours before we finally see something good: the ship crashing and all these asshole dying. And we knew that was gonna happen. Oh yeah we see an old couple lovingly embrace in their final moments for like 2 seconds. Why not show a baby being raped? Why not? Then Leo dies at the end, so we have to be sad I guess
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This is one I finally got around to seeing. A cult classic. My first reaction after watching: "what the f**k was that?! Is that a movie?!???" is it supposed to be a post apocalyptic movie cause it just looked like Australia to me. Some dudes driving around In cars. I'm so completely baffled to the popularity of this movie
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When I first saw this I thought it was awesome. I was also 15 and stoned out of my gourd. "woah man. The world is like ... One big illusion, man" . Yes, a concept as old as civilization. You don't have to be completely original, but if ya gotta cool concept do something better with it than havin a bunch of steam punks fighting in skyscrapers in virtual reality. Who's huffing gas?
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I'm glad this one is dying out as a cult classic sine people realized Kevin smith is an unimaginative hack. Semi clever crude jokes. Mildly interesting characters. That's about all ya got here. "indie" doesn't mean good
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Pretty typical Disney. Cool animation, silly characters, typical good guy vs. bad guy, nothing too deep,standarddisney fair. So why is this always among lists of top animated films? I don't know. I guess I'll get back to you on that one. If you wanna see a real animated movie watch ANY Miyazaki movie, you mongoloid.
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This one is worth watching just to see crazy ass Mel Gibson smashing in heads with medieval weapons. But that doesn't make it one of the best movies ever. This movie is cool, the plot devices work well, etc. but I'm confounded at what a hard on people have for this movie. Perhaps the awesomest thing about this flick is that Mel Gibson managed to walk around in his horrible costume and wretched hair doo with a straight face, touting an over the top Scottish accent the whole time before yelling "FREEEEDOOOoooOOOoOOMMMMmmmmm...." while being disemboweled. Its the height of comedy
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