Total Nerd 15 Interesting Overwatch Fan Theories That Are Actually Plausible  

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Some theories about Overwatch characters seem to be taking on a life of their own. For many players of the popular Blizzard game, a significant part of the game's appeal comes from the origin stories and mysteries that accompany each and every character. This is exactly why theories about Sombra have been circulating practically since the game's release in May 2016 despite the fact that the character was not even announced until November 2016. 

Overwatch fans have been diligently following their thirst for knowledge and have uncovered some interesting and rather plausible theories about Sombra, Mercy, Reaper, and many more of Overwatch's heroes. Check out these Overwatch fan theories and vote up the ones you believe.

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Athena Can Take on the Form of an Omnic

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Athena is a familiar name for most Overwatch players. The robotic female voice guides you through the game's tutorial and is also featured in the animated short "Recall." A popular theory, however, is that Athena will become a playable character and we have already seen her physical form. Athena's logo is very similar to the symbol seen on the Omnic standing behind Tracer and Winston in the image of the Overwatch team. It's been theorized that this Omnic is the physical form that Athena can take on if she needs to participate in combat. With clear signs of Athena having a sort of conscious and even the ability to express emotions, the theory has garnered a lot of support.

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Mercy Is Responsible for What Happened to Reaper

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Mercy's Rez attempts are a part of why fans are questioning if Overwatch's leading angel is playing for good or bad and no example seems to be more troubling than her attempt to rescue Reaper, according to Reddit user meta-sift. In-game conversations between Reaper and Mercy certainly suggests that there is something more to this pair's relationship. Mercy starts by asking Reaper, "What happened to you?" Reaper responds, "You tell me, Doc." Mercy's next line is where things get weird. "This is not what I intended for you, Reyes." Reaper then insists that Mercy "knew exactly what [she was] doing."

The conversation, along with Reaper's current condition, has Overwatch fans guessing one of two things must be true. "The explosion at the Swiss Overwatch facility involved [Mercy's] research and Reyes was heavily affected by it Bruce Banner style," meta-sift explains. The second option is that "Mercy brought him back to life but messed up in the process or maybe he was so far gone it was a side-effect of the extreme treatment she subjected him to." 

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Hanzo's Two Dragons Say a Lot About Him

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Hanzo and Genji are the Shimada brothers and the dragons of the North and the South. To some players, it seems odd that their ultimate abilities depict two different manifestations of a dragon. While Genji summons one dragon, Hanzo unleashes two. Some people believe this was merely a decision made to allow both characters to have two different ultimate abilities and add variety to gameplay. Others, however, think the Overwatch creators have paid too much attention to even the slightest details for the explanation to be that simple.

One theory is that Hanzo’s double dragons are a manifestation of an inner conflict. “One represents his actions which represented his duty to the Shimada clan, but the other dragon represents his own condemnation of his actions and his self-loathing for it,” Reddit user Mizuromo explains. “The two dragons are in conflict with each other (they are spinning around each other, which sort of looks like the two dragons at the beginning on the door who are chasing each other).”

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Sombra Is Alejandra

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Even after Sombra was announced at BlizzCon 2016, tons of mystery shrouded the character and her true identity is still unknown. Even the official Overwatch website makes a point to block out Sombra’s real name. Well, many avid Overwatch players believe they already know her real name - Alejandra. Fans believe the young girl Soldier: 76 rescued in the animated short “Hero” eventually grew up to be the powerful hacker known only as Sombra. It doesn’t seem far-fetched considering both characters share the same nationality and Sombra was revealed as Overwatch’s 23rd character. If you look closely during “Hero,” the number 23 is revealed on the wall after Alejandra snatches an Overwatch poster off a wall to show to her mother.