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"Pain & Gain" movie quotes provide the humorous dialogue in the action-comedy movie about a group of bodybuilders who attempt extortion. Based on the real life story chronicled in the Miami New Times and a book of the same name by Pete Collins, the film was adapted into a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Directed by Michael Bay, "Pain & Gain" opened in United States theaters on April 26, 2013.

In "Pain & Gain," Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) is a hardworking and determined bodybuilder at the Sun Gym in Florida. He is unsatisfied with his life and aspires to be richer and more successful but is discouraged by watching others, many who cheat to get where they are, passing him by. However when one of his training clients, Victor Kershaw (Tony Shalhoub), reveals that he has extensive wealth, Daniel gets an idea on how to steal it.

Daniel enlists Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie), a friend from the gym who is also dealing with the side effects of steroid use, and Paul Doyle (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), a new member of the gym who was recently released from prison, to help with his plan. They plan to kidnap Victor, extort his money then everyone can go on with their normal lives. It sounds great on paper but when it comes to execution, the trio prove their lack of crime experience and several things go wrong. It gets even worse when Detective Ed Du Bois (Ed Harris) is tasked with finding out who was responsible for the abomination of the extortion putting Daniel, Paul and Adrian's freedom at jeopardy. Rebel Wilson, Rob Corddry and Ken Jeong co-star in the film.

"Pain & Gain" joins a movie season already full of other great films such as "The Big Wedding," "Oblivion," "Scary Movie 5," "Evil Dead," "Jurassic Park 3D," "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," "Olympus Has Fallen," "Admission," "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," "Emperor," "Dead Man Down," "Oz: The Great and Powerful," "Stoker," "A Good Day to Die Hard," "Side Effects," and "Identity Thief."
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You Said No Violence

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Paul Doyle: "You said no violence."
Daniel Lugo: "And I meant it when I said it. I swear to god."
Paul Doyle: "I cannot kill!"
Daniel Lugo: "Duly noted. Look, when this is over, we'll all go camping. All right?"
Paul Doyle: "Okay"

Paul, being the voice of reason once again, is disturbed that the heist ended quite violently, against the plan. He is however settled down when Daniel promises they all go camping to unwind when everything is said and done.
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I've Got a Plan

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Daniel Lugo: "I'm hot. I'm big"
[Sees cops approaching and runs]
Daniel Lugo: "My name is Daniel Lugo and I believe in fitness. All this began because it was time to push myself harder. Otherwise I was looking at another 40 years of wearing sweatpants to work. I've got a plan to change that. My name is Daniel Lugo and I believe in the American dream because if you're willing to do the work, you can have anything."

Daniel Lugo, the main character of the film, explains his reasoning for doing what he does. He wanted more for himself but was tired of being eclipsed by people who cheated their way to the top. He wanted success and found a plan to make that happen.
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We Can't Just Kidnap a Guy and Take His Things

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Paul Doyle: "You just can't kidnap a guy and take his things. That's so illegal."
Daniel Lugo: "We're sure we can. Victor Kershaw is a criminal prick who deserves bad stuff to happen to him."

Paul tries to be the voice of reason when Daniel explains his plan to steal from Victor. Daniel however justifies his actions in a Robin Hood, steal from the rich to give to the poor, type of way.
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Using Steroids

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Ramona Eldridge: "Mr. Doorbal, are you currently using steroids?"
Adrian Doorbal: "No, ma'am"
Ramona Eldridge: "When's the last time you injected?"
Adrian Doorbal: "Monday"
Ramona Eldridge: "Yesterday"
Adrian Doorbal: "I threw them all out. I think they messed me up."
Ramona Eldridge: "It's okay. You probably just have defeated fella syndrome. We like treat it here all the time. But don't worry, we can change all that. It's what we specialize in hereā€¦ Penis magic." [winks]

Adrian visits a specialist to deal with the effects of taking steroids to bulk up. He has concerns about his man parts but the nurse reassures him that everything will be fine, plus gives him a wink.
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An Honest Mistake

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Paul Doyle: "Eagle is on the move. He's coming towards us."
Daniel Lugo: "Prepare to neutralize the target. Go, go, go, go, go! Get him! Get him! Did you get him?"
Paul Doyle: "He was right here? Where'd he go? You see him?"
Daniel Lugo: "Where the hell is he?"
Paul Doyle: "There he is!"
Daniel Lugo: "You got the wrong BMW!"
Paul Doyle: "It's two exact BMWs."
Daniel Lugo: "I told you to check the license plates!"
Paul Doyle: "It was an honest mistake!"
Adrian Doorbal: "We thought it was the same car. It looks exactly the same."
Daniel Lugo: "I can deal with his impotence. I cannot deal with your incompetence."

When Daniel, Paul and Adrian attempt to abduct Victor, their plan goes horrible (or hilariously) wrong. Despite Victor being not more than a dozen feet from them, they can't seem to locate him.
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Nobody Gets Hurt, Right?

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Paul Doyle: "We go through with this, nobody gets hurt, right?"
Daniel Lugo: "No, man, we snatch him, we grab him, he signs a few signatures, we give him a protein shake. He won't even know what happened. I've watched a lot of movies, Paul. I know what I'm doing."

Always worrying about doing the right thing, Paul wants reassurance that this operation will not involve violence. Daniel responds by mentioning how many action movies he's seen and how that makes him an expert of heists like this.
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You Know Who Invented Salad?

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Victor Kershaw: "I'm a self-made man. I made a lot of money."
Daniel Lugo: "Maybe your self to spend some of it on a salad."
Victor Kershaw: "You know who invented salad? Poor people."

While training Victor, Daniel learns that he is quite wealthy. Daniel also takes note of Victor's arrogance about the poor, which starts a chain of events that changes both of their lives forever.
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How Are You Fixed for a Job Now?

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Daniel Lugo: "Where'd you do your time, pal?"
Paul Doyle: "Up north"
Daniel Lugo: "How are you fixed for a job now?"

Upon meeting Paul, a new member of their gym, Daniel makes friends with him and instantly has an idea. Daniel needs muscle for his grand plan and Paul seems like a great candidate to fill that role.