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Ashley Reign
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Though it's commonly acknowledged that dogs are man's best friend, who would have ever expected similar bonds were possible between man and lions, gorillas, and even hyenas? Before you write it off as too crazy to be true, take a look below and see the proof for yourself in these insanely touching videos of humans reuniting with animals they share a special bond with. Just know you'll probably want to arm yourself with tissues before launching into the following videos, against which even the hardest of hearts stand about a snowball's chance in hell.

Here you’ll see some of the most heartwarming videos of people reuniting with animals that have ever been caught on film. You’ll see not only beloved family pets experiencing joy overload as they welcome their soldiers home from the military, but also wild animals celebrating unexpected reunions with the people who raised them until they could be reintroduced into the wild.

So if you’ve ever had any doubt about whether or not animals have emotions, get ready to find out once and for all as you witness a series of incredible animal reunions that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Lion Reunites with a Woman Who Rescued Him

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Lions may be the kings of the jungle, but if this guy is any indication, they've got hearts as huge as their reputations.
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Soldier Reunites with the Cat That Kept His Hope Alive in Afghanistan

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Though it took lots of time and money, a soldier finally reunites with the cat who kept his hope alive during his darkest times while fighting in Afghanistan.
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Woman Reunites with Dog After Tsunami in Japan

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Just as this Japanese tsunami victim was sure her beloved pooch was lost in the disaster, he showed up to announce he was still alive.
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Woman Finds and Rescues Her Dog During Live Broadcast After Tornado

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As one elderly woman sadly describes a horrific tornado for a news crew, she hears what turns out to be her lost dog... and rescues him on live TV!