People Who'd do Society a Favor by Disappearing Anything
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People Who'd do Society a Favor by Disappearing

List Criteria: People, Society's problem children

These are some people who fit into the category of "Boil on the Butt of Humanity".

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    Hate-filled, disgusting, sad excuse for a human. It's people like him and his family that give people who are true peace loving members of any faith a bad name.

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    Reality TV Stars

    I understand that there are some reality shows that can be interesting, and I'll admit, I've watched a few of them. But, let's be honest here. We live in a society where we immolate what we see on tv. Sad as it is, at times, that's the truth. So, do you really want to date a woman who feels like she relates to "bridezilla", who finds empowerment through that show? Or how about you ladies who have a guy who you think is everything you want, and then, he catches an episode of a reality show and thinks, "I wanna be like that guy!" and then, changes into something other than himself? (Yeah, i know I went out on a rant there...sorry about that).

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    In fact, all Kardashians. Except Khloe. I like her. Kind of.

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    Her claim to fame is a sex tape, drinking, and a short lived (Thankfully) TV show... now that's a legacy to make her family proud.

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    Is it just me, or does it seem that every time there's a problem and Al Sharpton hits the scene, the problem gets worse?

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