33 Pictures of D-Bags Taking Photos of Their Food

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One of the better things to come from the foodie pictures on Instagram phenomena is pictures of people taking pictures of food. These sometimes suspecting food bloggers, casual eaters, and hipster foodies are captured in the food wild taking pictures of food to great comic effect. This compilation of pictures of people taking pictures of food is here to serve as a wake-up call to all the d-bags taking pictures of food: we see you and your food, and no one cares.

Now listen: if you have a smartphone, I bet you've taken a picture of your food at some point. I have. Upon inspection of my camera roll pictures of food include a seared ahi tuna steak with hearts of palm 'slaw, a fleur de lis made of strawberries, and a mortadella sandwich that was so good there's now drool on my phone. I'm a dirty hipster taking pictures of food and kind of a d-bag for using more than three words to describe something I ate. However, I've never been caught (to my knowledge) being one of those people taking pictures of their food. There are far worse hipsters taking pictures of food out there than me. This list is the solid, delicious truth of that.

Enjoy this photo list pictures of jerks taking pictures of food, for it is glorious. If you happened upon this list looking for food pictures, perhaps a good place for you to be is the best food movies ever. If you enjoyed/ are enjoying this list, you should probably check out the music video for "Eat It, Don't Tweet It".
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