The 50 Hottest Pictures of Sexy Girls Reading Books Anything
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The 50 Hottest Pictures of Sexy Girls Reading Books

There's nothing hotter than a beautiful woman reading a book. I mean, other than a beautiful woman reading a book who is also naked. But I mean, they could be in various stages of undress really, because a hot girl reading is a hot girl reading. These are the 50+ hottest pictures of sexy girls reading books. And nobody can hold that at anything but the highest esteem.

The women on this list are reading books in bathtubs, beds, libraries while naked or close to that, or in various places outside and around the world. If you've got a bookworm fetish like I do, and appreciate a woman intelligent enough to bury her head in a book and not exclusively a magazine, then please go ahead and click through all of these pics of chicks reading books.

I want each and every one of these women to meet me at a party, ask what I'm reading and then be sorely disappointed that "internet" doesn't count.

These are the best pictures of hot girls reading. Enjoy.

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    80s Sheets Hot Girl Reads What Will Probably Be Her Favorite Book Now

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