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Piranha 3DD Movie Quotes

'Piranha 3DD' movie quotes are, not surprisingly, hilarious. This campy 2012 horror comedy movie is the sequel to 2010's popular 'Piranha 3D.' Yes, the world's deadliest, and hungriest prehistoric fish are back! This time, instead of terrorizing Lake Victoria, the piranha set their sights on a crowded new summer attraction: The Big Wet Water Park. 'Piranha 3DD' features an ensemble cast, including Ving Rhames, David Hasselhoff, Danielle Panabaker, Gary Busey and Christopher Lloyd, among others. Is your favorite 'Piranha 3DD' movie quote listed here? Vote it up. And, if you have a personal fave that's missing, add it to the list.

One year has passed since the prehistoric piranha wreaked havoc on Lake Victoria, chomping down on anyone and everyone that got in their way. The townspeople have worked tirelessly to eradicate the deadly fish, but they weren't thorough enough: The piranha have resurfaced, this time in a brand new, nearby water park (and just in time for summer!). Marine biology student Maddy (Danielle Panabaker) is a part owner of the park, and she and the park's other employees scramble to contain the disaster. It's a bloody mess. Literally.

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    Natural Selection

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    Water Park Patron (to David Hasselhoff): "People are dying! Do something!"
    David Hasselhoff: "First of all, I'm not a lifeguard. Never was. Secondly, that was what natural selection's all about."

    The Hoff makes a guest appearance in 'Piranha 3DD,' but never, ever ask him to rescue you from the water. Especially if there's a group of blood thirsty, prehistoric fish attacking the patrons.

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