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Planes Used By Iraqi Air Force Airplanes

Planes Used By Iraqi Air Force

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List of planes used by Iraqi Air Force. Plane models are listed alphabetically and include additional information about each individual Iraqi Air Force aircrafts. Iraqi Air Force uses, or at some point has used, these planes. This list answers the questions "what kind of aircraft does Iraqi Air Force use?" and "what plane am I flying on Iraqi Air Force?" List includes photos of the Iraqi Air Force planes when available, to help clear up what airplanes Iraqi Air Force flies. This list has a variety of items in it, from Xian H-6 to Tupolev Tu-16. (7 items)
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    AMD Alarus

    Single engine More
  2. 2
    Fighter aircraft More
  3. 3
    Attack aircraft, Ground attack aircraft More
  4. 4
    Military trainer aircraft More
  5. 5
    Strategic bomber, Bomber More
  6. 6
    Medium bomber More
  7. 7
    Medium bomber More
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