10 Disgusting Crimes Committed by Plastic Surgeons on Their Patients

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Far beyond tweaking celebrities and Stepford wives, there is a real dark side to plastic surgery, one that you never see on the red carpet. You may think of plastic surgery crimes as botched face lifts or lop-sided fake boobs, but we're talking things way more sinister than that. Although there have been some truly horrific-looking surgery mishaps, no mere creepy facelift stands up to the crimes on this list. Because they're way more than mistakes - they're truly criminal acts. 

These horror doctors - the ones who were even doctors at all, anyway - often left their patients in critical condition. And a terrifying number of patients actually died from negligence during the surgeries. Turns out a tummy tuck can be a whole lot more than you bargained for. 

Not only will this list show you how important it is to check out your doctor before any surgery, it will teach you one very powerful lesson: illegal butt implants just aren't worth it. Words to live by.

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