Political Wives Who Overshadowed Their Husbands People
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Political Wives Who Overshadowed Their Husbands

List Criteria: Vote for the women who most overshadowed their politician husbands

Women who have overshadowed their politician husbands include some of the greatest women in political history as well as some of the most influential people in US history. These politically savvy females rank as some of the best known women in US history, not just because they were married to a famous politician, but because they carved a name for themselves in Washington, D.C., throughout the US, and the world.

The untimely death of Elizabeth Edwards was a reminder that female leaders, politicians, first ladies, and political wives in general lost a great friend and a true beacon of success and charisma in the world of female politicians. Her place on this list of the greats is a testament to the resilience of women and their unique ability to triumph in the face of adversity the way Edwards did.

Who are the top female politicians? What political wives are more famous than their husbands? Here are some of the greatest political wives in the history of politics who show us all just how much of an impact a powerful spouse can make. Take a moment to vote for the women in politics and the public eye who were more effective and successful than their famous political husbands.
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    Her Majesty, Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire when it was at its height of its powers, and even has an entire era named after her. For 63 years (1837-1901), the longest ruling British monarch of all time time, Victoria commanded an empire so large that at all times, the sun was up somewhere over its lands. Extremely popular with the people, she became the symbol of the British Empire and the standard of strict morality and decency.

    She also was fair when it came to politics. Proving that she wasn't a tyrannical Queen, she founded the Liberal and Conservative parties and broadened suffrage throughout her reign. Her reign is known as a being a period of peace, despite massive expansion of the empire. She is also associated with industrial and cultural progress. There isn't much from the 19th century that can't be defined by Her Majesty.

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