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Premium Rush Movie Quotes

"Premium Rush" movie quotes take to the streets in the action film centered around a bike messenger in New York City on the run from a crooked cop. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in the fast-paced 2012 film directed by David Koepp.

In "Premium Rush," bike messenger Wilee (Gordon-Levitt) receives an order to pick up a package from a girl named Nima (Jamie Chung) and deliver it within 90 minutes per the terms of the premium rush order. All seems normal until a dirty cop, Bobby (Michael Shannon), demands the envelope. Wilee can't just hand over the package to someone other than the recipient so he flees.

Wilee soon discovers that this is no ordinary package when Bobby begins chasing him through the crowded and busy streets of Manhattan. As if being a bike messenger was not a dangerous enough profession to begin with, Wilee, along with fellow cyclist Vanessa (Dania Ramirez) and boss Raj (Aasif Mandvi), do their best to dodge traffic and flee from Bobby who seems will stand at nothing in the pursuit of that envelope.

"Premium Rush" joins the summer 2012 movie season which is already jam-packed full of blockbusters such as "The Campaign," "The Babymakers," "Ted," "Celeste and Jesse Forever," "Madea's Witness Protection," "Magic Mike," "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Dark Knight Rises."

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    A Package For You

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    Wilee: "Hello?"
    Raj: "Wilee, I got a package for you, 90 minutes, premium rush. Don't screw it up."

    As a bike messenger in New York City, getting a call like this from Raj is just another day on the job for Wilee. Little do either of them know however just what they're getting into by taking this specific parcel.

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