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Abortion is a practice that goes back at least as far as recorded history. The Chinese performed abortions with toxic herbs some 4,700 years ago, and the 3,500-year-old Eber's Papyrus tells us that the Ancient Egyptians were no strangers to family planning. Even the Bible takes a pretty strong stance on the matter.

Abortion and religion have long been hotly debated topics, especially when politicians are involved. When it comes down to it, however, abortion is murder, and should be banned in the United States. 
Check out this list, and its companion, Every Compelling Argument for Why Pro-Choice Is Right, to get informed opinions about the abortion debate. Vote up the reasons why abortions should be banned immediately below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.
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The Adoption Option

Obviously, the first and foremost option for many considering abortion would be adopting the child out as soon as it is born. On average, about 100,000 children are adopted every year in America alone; currently, that's a little less than ten percent of the number who are aborted.  

Worldwide, the demand for adoptions well exceeds the number of abortions performed in the United States every year. Meaning, if foreign adoption is an option, literally no American woman would ever have to raise a child she didn't want. 
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The Millennial Genocide

It's a strange and seemingly backward thing that Millennials (people born between the years 1980 - 2000) have proven less likely to get abortions than their parents. However, there's a good reason for this. Right now, there are about 75 million Millennials in America today. From 1980 to 2000, there were roughly 25 to 30 million abortions performed. This means that for every three to four Millennials walking the Earth now, one never got the chance. That makes this generation the most heavily aborted in human history. By any measure, the targeted destruction of one third of an entire demographic can only be called one thing: Genocide.  
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Homicide by Definition

Homicide, in its most basic sense, is a deliberate act that deprives a person of time they would have had on Earth, if not for your intervention. That's true if you intervene to take the last day of life from an 80-year-old, the last 40 years from a 40-year-old, or the last 80-years from a one-day old. From the moment a child is conceived, they're in the process of developing into an adult. If you deliberately intervene on, or interrupt, that process, it can hardly be defined as anything but "homicide." The only question at that point is... is it justifiable?
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Responsibility and Inevitability

Let's say you were to pick up a gun, and shoot someone dead. Should you be accused of murder? Well, let's break it down. 

Technically speaking, you didn't kill them - arterial bleeding did. That bleeding was cased by a bullet wound, which was caused by a bullet. The bullet had to fly through the air, which it did after getting its energy from burning gunpowder. The gunpowerder ignited because a primer cap lit it, and the primer cap went off because a hammer's firing pin struck it. The firing pin struck the cap because a spring drove it forward. That was the chain of events. So really, the spring committed murder, because it supplied the initial energy. All you did was pull a trigger, which released the energy already stored in that spring. 

And yet, in practical terms, we would hold you responsible for that murder, because the bullet, powder, pin, hammer and spring were simply acting according to the laws of physics. YOU were the only individual involved who made a conscious decision, and hence, you are responsible for the death that results. 

In the same way, a person could hold themselves responsible for the life that results from sex. Provided that it was consensual, they were the last one to make a decision on the matter; hence, the last person who had an influence on the outcome. 
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Within, Not Incorporate

Just because a person is inside of another person doesn't make them not a separate person. Say Han Solo flies the Millennium Falcon into the belly of a giant Space Worm (aka "Exogorth") while trying to evade an Imperial Starship. He hides in there, waiting for them to pass, then blasts his way out to safety. But while he was in its belly, was Han the Space Worm? Did the Space Worm become Han Solo? Is an entity incorporate as part of another just because it's inside of it? 

Or, in more human terms: You have tons of bacteria living in you body. They're called "gut flora." Are you a bacteria because you contain bacteria? Is the bacteria human because it's inside of you? No. You're still separate entities, with one living inside the cavity of another. In the same way, a fetus is not its mother, or a mother the fetus. 
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DNA Says: A Fetus Is Not "Part of the Mother"

In any court of law, identity is fairly easily established by DNA. If one person has different DNA than another, then they are a separate person. The fact that a fetus has different DNA from its mother definitively establishes it as a completely separate person. If it truly were "a part of the mother's body," then it would have its mother's DNA. Put it this way: If that fetus escaped and committed a crime, and left DNA evidence on the scene, it wouldn't be the mother going to jail. Ergo, by our own legal definition, they are separate people.    
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Happiness Is an Option for Everyone

Did you know that your brain has a "base level" of happiness? It happens because of something known as "neurotransmitter receptor up - or down - regulation." Meaning, you can only ever stay but so happy... or so unhappy. Your brain will adjust to the circumstances. The argument that a child raised in less-than-ideal conditions is doomed to unhappiness is just patently untrue. No matter what circumstances a person is born into, happiness, love and joy are just as available to them as any other emotion. 

In short: Yes, poor kids can be happy, too.
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Pro-Life Is the Secular Humanist Position

One of the great many ironies in this debate is that the Pro-Life side usually falls back on religion for justification, much to its determent. First, because any non-religious person could point to dozens of Biblical passages endorsing infanticide, giving the value of children under one month old as "nothing," and even giving a God-proscribed recipe for abortion. The Bible is, if anything, pretty strongly PRO-infanticide.

As pro-life atheist Chris Hitchens pointed out, the inclusion of the pro-life stance on fetal personhood was actually a result of secular humanist thinking of the Enlightenment era. And the strongest logical arguments for it are still humanist. Ironically, then, those who have no problem at all with abortion are thinking MORE like ancient Hebrews than most modern Jews, Christians or Muslims.