The Best Push Presents

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List Criteria: List includes any gift that would be appropriate for a new father to give his wife after giving birth to a new child

Push Presents or Baby Baubles a trend in which new fathers give their partners lavish gifts following a successful pregnancy. The tradition of giving "push presents" is seen as a "thank you" for women who have gone through all of the pain and discomfort of carrying a child to term and then giving birth.

These presents are meant to become family heirlooms being passed down from generation to generation. This list will give you some ideas of what the new mother in your life may want to receive, as well as let you vote on which one you like best.

According to some, these gifts should be all about the bling (as in diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones). Well this list also includes items that don’t come from a jewelry store, such as figurines, dolls, music boxes and many others. Nothing says an heirloom has to be jewelry, and I’m sure there are women out there that don’t wear a lot of it, so something like a Precious Moments figurine that represents the birth of a child would do rather nicely, with the added bonus that not everyone has the money needed to buy jewelry. Of course it all depends on the women and what she likes, that is a very important thing to keep in mind when deciding exactly what to buy.
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