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Read more about Human library book Margaret Trudeau, mental health advocate, here:

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How did you decide on coming out publicly with your illness? Was it difficult?

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If you had known you were bipolar when you were married to Pierre, and had been treated for it then, do you think the marriage may have lasted?

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Before you were diagnosed with bipolar disorder, how much did you know about it?

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When you initially became ill would it have been helpful to have a mentor. Someone that had been where you were, made a full recovery and was leading a productive happy life?

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You're a grandmother now -- how do you explain something like mental illness to a child?

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Do you believe your 'Bipolar Disorder' is a medical disability or an inherent gift in need of strategies to help you control it?

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Do you think that living so much of your life under the glare of the paparazzi, being constantly watched by the media and the public, caused your illness?

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We see a lot of young starlets today clearly suffering from mental anguish - Lindsay Lohan, for instance. Is there a link between fame and mental ilness? Do you think that being famous can make you sick?