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Questions for Robert Munsch

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    When did you first have inklings that you might have a mental illness? Did you or your parents suspect that there might me something wrong when you were a kid?

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    What advice would you give to a child who wants to tell stories like you do when he or she grows up?

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    You've said that you dulled the pain of your bipolar disorder with drugs and alcohol. What do you do to cope with your illness now?

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    What role did drugs and alcohol play in your creative process? Were you worried that your work would suffer if you got clean?

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    Why did you decide to post a note for parents, explaining that you're a recovered addict on your website? Your work is awesome - it's none of their business.

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    What should I do if I think my son or daughter might be suffering from a mental illness?

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    Was it hard to come out to your fans about your addictions?

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