25 Brilliant Quick Fixes To Everyday Problems

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List Criteria: Upvote the life-hacks that will rewire the Matrix you live in. Life is a simulation!

Almost every single day, you encounter one or two problems that could potentially ruin your whole day, and this photo gallery shows you how to ensure life's little hiccups never slow your roll. With these brilliant quick fixes and clever life hacks for everyday problems, the Internet is here to initiate your transformation into your own personal MacGyver. The threat of life's little idiosyncrasies will no longer be as daunting with this collection of life hacks. Existence, as you know it, will never feel the same, for these bits of advice are like typing "rosebud" into The Sims file that is your life. Now that life's a little bit easier, you'll have that time to tackle the other tasks you've been putting off. Get to it!

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