athletes The Quickest UFC Knockouts of All Time  

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There's nothing better than seeing a fantastic knockout in a mixed martial arts fight. It's the equivalent to seeing a grand slam, jarring dunk, or hail Mary. But what's even better then a knockout? A knockout before either fighter even breaks a sweat. Whether it's a single punch or a series of kicks that take a fighter down and out for the count, knockouts are what the audience craves to see during a match. 

While there have been many MMA organizations throughout the years – Pride, Strikeforce, Elite XC, WEC – the one that stands above them all is the UFC. In honor of the great fights they've delivered to us over the years, here is a list of the quickest knockouts in UFC history. We're counting down the 25 greatest, fastest knockouts in the history of MMA fighting. Just be glad you're sitting behind your computer screen instead of looking straight at a fist coming your way.

Tank Abbott: 20 Seconds

July 14, 1995: It was UFC 6 - Clash of the Titans, and David "Tank" Abbott was one of many heavy hitters at the event. It was his first time in an official MMA fight, and he was impressive, needing only 20 seconds to lay John Matua out. Tank has gone on to several early knockouts – including being on the receiving end of Kimbo Slice's second MMA fight.

And the guy may have more in him. He was still fighting in 2013, at the age of 48.

Marcos Rogerio de Lima: 20 Seconds

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May 31, 2014: Marcos Rogerio de Lima and Richardson Moreira were friends but had to fight as scheduled for the finale of the UFC's
TUF Brazil 3. The fighters clinched early, but then de Lima landed a knee that stunned his friend and followed that up with a devastating right, the fight was over then and there.

Mike Swick: 20 Seconds

April 9, 2005: Mike "Quick" Swick earned that nickname by scoring more than one super fast knockout in his MMA career. The quickest of those came in 20 seconds against Alex Schoenauer during UFC - The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale. This fight happened during a streak in which Swick ended three out of four fights in under 26 seconds. Quick indeed.

Matt Mitrione: 19 Seconds

April 6, 2013: A heavyweight that goes by the name "Meathead," Matt Mitrione lives up to the name by being able to throw a mean punch. He did just that during UFC on Fuel TV 9 when he escaped Philip De Fries's attempts to get the fight to the ground. 19 seconds into the fight, it was all over. Mitrione basically stumbled and fell on top of De Fries, opening up the perfect opportunity to do some pounding.

Phil Baroni: 18 Seconds

September 27, 2002: Welterweight Phil Baroni has had quite an inconsistent MMA career, but was pretty impressive in his 18-second defeat of Dave Menne at UFC 39 - The Warriors Return. "The New York Badass" finished off the overmatched Menne with a quick flurry of punches.

Erik Perez: 17 Seconds

August 11, 2012: Erik Perez was making his UFC debut when he faced Ken Stone at UFC 150. Perez sent Stone crashing face down with a huge right, then ended the bout at 17 seconds with some ground-n-pound. It set a UFC men's record for fastest knockout at bantamweight.

Mark Kerr: 17 Seconds

October 17, 1997: Mark Kerr was a strong beast of a man on his way to the heavyweight crown at UFC 15. While this seemingly easy fight for him wasn't won with his power punches, this knee knockout ranks as one of the fastest ever in the UFC that saw Greg Stott face down in 17 seconds, in his one and only professional MMA bout.

Ronda Rousey: 16 Seconds

 Click here to view the knockout: Ronda Rousey: 16 Second knockout

July 5, 2014: Easily the most dominating female fighter in the UFC, "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey moved into second place for the fastest knockout in a championship fight after dropping Alexis Davis at UFC 175. Normally a submission specialist, the sexy Rousey wobbled Davis with a punch and a knee, before finishing her off with a flurry of hits on the mat.