26 Quirky Ideas for an Offbeat Wedding

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Weddings aren't always the formal, traditional events that they used to be. With a new generation of marriages, people are adding more fun, color, and whimsy to their weddings than ever. With some simple, unique do-it-yourself suggestions, your wedding can be fun and memorable for both you and your guests. 
Use these ideas and put your own personal spin on them to make a fun wedding that reflects you and your true love's personalities. Nowadays you don't have to follow any rules of convention to celebrate your special day, and that's exactly what this list is all about. 

Vote up your favorite ideas, and happy planning.

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    Keep the Program Simple and to the Point

    Use the programs as a moment to really get creative. Make it fun and funny, or keep it short and simple.

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    Put Crayons at the Kids Table

    Kids should get to have fun at your wedding too, right? Let the kids have their own table where they can color. It'll also give the parents a break to hit the dance floor.

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    Add a Line for a DJ Song Request On Your RSVP Cards

    If you're having a DJ or making a playlist on your iPod, let your guests request their favorite songs on their response cards, giving you some extra help with the playlist and make them want to shake it all night long.

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    Serve Your Drinks On “My Two Cents” Coasters

    Let your guests offer you their advice and encouragement by using coasters that they can write a note to you on. It'll be the perfect item to treasure from your big day.

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    Enlist Your Grandmas to Be Your Flower Girls

    Have a little fun and do something completely unique. Instead of using the traditional tots for flower girls, make your grandmas feel special and give the job to them instead.

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    For Seriously Rad Photo Ops, Give Out Sparklers As Favors

    What a better way to celebrate the summer and your wedding than by giving sparklers to your guests as wedding favors? This will be the best wedding exit in the history of summer weddings. Ditch the rice and add some sparkle!

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    Incorporate Your Love Story Into the Aisle Runner

    What better way to grab your guests' attention than by broadcasting the story of how you met as they walk in? Showing your story with words and pictures will be memorable, and your guests will feel instantly connected.

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    Have Your Very Own Beer Bar

    Hiring waiters and servers can add up really quickly. Instead of having an open bar, just set up a keg-style beer bar instead, and dress it up with a cute DIY wood panel so it looks like real beer taps.

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    Instead of Wedding Favors, Let People Fill Up Bags With the Candy of Their Choice

    Instead of the traditional party favors or even a wedding cake, display an enormous candy bar instead. Provide colorful bags and let your guests serve themselves. It can serve as dessert and a wedding favor.

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    Hire a Rad Food Truck for a Late-night Snack

    Food trucks are all the rage right now, and rightfully so. Instead of doing a traditional sit-down dinner, hire a few food trucks instead. It's an easy and fun way to feed your guests without having to deal with a caterer.

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    For An Outdoor Summer Wedding, Serve Up Some Alcoholic Otter Pops

    You can do this by using a syringe. Freeze the treats and set them out just before guests arrive to get the party started early.

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    Use Advice Cards Instead of A Guestbook

    Has anyone ever gone back and looked at all the people who signed their guestbook? Probably not. Instead, leave advice cards out for everyone to write on. It's more fun for them, and you and your true love will definitely have more fun with them later. 

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    For Dessert, Display An Ice Cream Bar

    Perfect for a summer wedding. Let your guests cool off by creating their favorite frozen treats will all the best toppings.

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    Decorate the Bathrooms With Childhood Photos

    While it may seem like a small detail, guests will definitely notice the nice touches you've put into your wedding. Showcase your baby photos and give your guests a good smile.

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    Crown Your Wedding Day With This Fun Cake Topper

    Out with the old, traditional cake toppers and in with newer, more fun ones, like this one. While this particular wedding topper may not be for everyone, there are tons of wedding toppers out there that can express you and your better half's personalities.

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    Sometimes An Array of Bridesmaid Dress Colors Can Look Prettier Than Just Picking One

    Mix it up a little bit. Giving your bridesmaids a general color scheme or dress style to stick to. It'll make your bridal party more unique and give them a little extra pop.

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    Let People DIY Their Own Confetti Combo

    Before your guests sit down for the ceremony, let them fill up their own confetti cups to throw on you while you walk out, freshly married. Include glitters, sequins, or tiny paper hearts. 

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    For a Brunch Reception, Serve Up a Waffle Bar

    Serving waffles is the perfect way to forgo a cake for a brunch wedding and still have dessert. This comfort food is an American favorite and is sure to please your hungry attendees while staying on budget. 

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    Get Everyone to Dance On a GLITTER DANCE FLOOR

    What else goes better with a wedding than glitter? Get your guests to bust a move by letting them dance on glitter tiles! You can even incorporate hop scotch into your dance!

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    Forgo the Typical Bouquet for One Huge Paper Flower

    Instead of going with real flowers, trying any thing else: brooch bouquet, felt flowers, pinwheels, or a single, giant paper flower. Giant paper flowers add an element of whimsy that's perfect for an outdoor or secret garden wedding.

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