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R.I.P. Lindsay Lohan

As we all know the Lindsay Lohan that all of us guys loved and lusted after is dead, not like six feet under dead, but dead nonetheless. The hot, busty redhead that we were all waiting to turn 18 has been replace by a worn-out, drugged up, way to skinny blonde. I don't know about you, but I choose to remember the hot Lindsay. So here are some photos of Lindsay in her glory days. Vote on the hottest photo that will help you remember Lindsay Lohan the best.
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    Lindsay Lohan In Blue Shorts

  2. 2
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    Lindsay Lohan In Orange See-Thru Top

  3. 3
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    Down 7

    Lindsay Lohan In A Puple Bikini

  4. 4
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    Lindsay Lohan In A Low Cut Pink Top

  5. 5
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    Down 8

    Lindsay Lohan Looking Beautiful

  6. 6
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    Lindsay Lohan In A Blue Bikini

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