Ranker's Choice: Do You Like Naughty Or Nice Girls Better? People
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Ranker's Choice: Do You Like Naughty Or Nice Girls Better?

List Criteria: Vote up for the type of girl you like better: Naughty or Nice.

As I have said before I'm a man of the people, I have my own opinions, but I like to hear and to know other people's opinions also. So I want to know what type of girl do the people of Ranker like better. The category for this list is naughty or nice. To me the difference between a naughty girl and a nice girl is all in the eyes, if you look in a naughty girls eyes you'll see that "I want you know" look, or the " I know you want me now" look. To me a naughty girl is someone who would try to push you to do bad things that you aren't accustomed to doing, someone who uses their hotness and sexuality to get what they want from you. For example a naughty girl could convince you to bang her in a 5 star restaurant bathroom, or in a hospital/business elevator, go skinny dipping in the daytime on a public beach that doesn't allow nudity, the type of girl that can convince you that having sex handcuffed to the bed is fun, but then she leaves you handcuffed, and takes all your money, your phone, and you're left there for days soaking in your own.... Oh I'm sorry all of my personal experiences are coming out on the page right now. Anyways I have 10 naughty celebrity women, and 10 nice celebrity women. Vote up for the type of girl you like better and as always, Enjoy!

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    Nice Girl- Again you can't go off the picture to the left because I'm going to try the hottest picture there is of every girl. Kristen Bell is another one of those actresses up to this point who has never done a nude scene and she says that she never will do one. From what we all hear Kristen is one of the nicest girls you will meet in Hollywood.

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    Nice Girl- One of the underrated hotties in Hollywood. I have no evidence to justify calling her a nice girl, but I've never heard anybody say anything bad about her, except for her taste in men.

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    Nice Girl- Even though the picture to the left could make you think otherwise, Rachel Bilson is a nice girl. Rachel up to this point has never had a nude scandal or done a nude scene, she has said before that she feels her body is too sacred for that. Though millions of men are disappointed by that statement, we've all got to do what we feel good about.

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    Naughty Girl- Even before the nude scandal, Olivia has always been a naughty girl. She strikes me as the type of chick that is not afraid to use her hot body to get what she wants.

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    Naughty Girl- Megan Fox definitely fits in the naughty category. She has been quoted to say that she is attracted to the bad boys, that her sex drive is so high, and that she has the libido of a 15 year old boy, that she's really confident sexually and that oozes out of her pores, that she'd rather have sex all the time than leave the house, that she'd rather have a wild and promiscuous image than to go out of her way to be proper, and that Olivia Wilde is so sexy that she makes her want to strangle a mountain ox with her bare hands. If she's not naughty I don't know who is.

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    Nice Girl- Again I don't really have any evidence to justify me calling her nice, but she just doesn't strike me as a naughty girl. Plus other than her topless photos, the picture to your left was the hottest photo I could find of her.

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