Villains We Loved To Hate in 2009 People

Villains We Loved To Hate in 2009

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Real life villains: a list of bad guys, real life supervillains & the world's worst people -- at least as far as 2009 is concerned. From political puppeteers to abusive A-Listers to that one guy you may have heard of who 'made off' with half the world's money, 2009 was a banner year for bad behavior by all sorts of real life supervillains.

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    Kanye West
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    If you've been living in a cave maybe you missed Kanye West's rant during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Even President Obama called this guy "a jackass" after he walked on stage and took the microphone out of the hands of Taylor Swift after she received Best Female Video award and stated "I'm sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time". Recognition as an artist can be a once in a lifetime achievement and Kanye selfishly hijacks her moment. That's a villain for ya. Now that we've got that out of the way, and a picture of him standing in front of what looks to me like a Triforce, let's move on...
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    Elizabeth Lambert put some action into American soccer this year by attacking BYU players during a match. This picture doesn't even say it all. She punched, tackled and literally took hair pulling to an all new low (she actually pulled hair). She has since apologized for her overly competitive tactics. Internet rumors mention she's slated to star in "Bend It Like Beckham 2: The Ultimate Fighting Edition".
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    Chris Brown beat his then girlfriend Rihanna senseless after a pre-grammy bash in 2009. Brown was on top of the world as a 19 year old famous artist dating one of the hottest and most popular singers in world, Rihanna. Even after the incident, Rihanna entertained the thought of sticking by her man, but then broke up with Brown after citing the need to be a good role model for young women. Note to Chris Brown: beating women = evil. Evil = Villain. You've been VILLAINED!
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    Rod Blagojevich
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    Blagojevich was impeached in January of 2009 and later indicted on corruption charges after trying to sell Obama's vacant Senate seat. When a corrupt politician is exposed they tend to go into hiding. Not Blagojevich, this guy actually went on reality TV, as well as a popular episode of The Daily Show, so the entire world could see what a schmuck he was. He continues to be a schmuck (until proven innocent, of course).
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    "Why is the bald guy always the villain?" That's an actual quote from Schmidt. Sarah Palin painted Schmidt as a villain in her new book Going Rogue. He was accused by Palin of telling her how to do everything from how to speak to what to eat while running McCain's presidential campaign. By the way, what was the bald chronic masturbator from Californication (women might know his as Charlotte's husband from Sex and the City, but we're not that classy around here) doing running McCain's campaign in the first place?
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    Somali Pirates

    Somali Pirates have been plundering and kidnapping in international waters since the early 90's. This year several high profile attacks have made it clear that, despite how dreamy Johnny Depp looks in guy-liner, they're villains. They kidnapped Capt. Richard Phillips who convinced pirates to take him in exchange for letting allowing his crew to go free. At least this time the pirates learned not to mess with Navy Seal snipers when 3 of them where shot and a fourth captured during a daring high seas rescue.
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    First of all, her middle name is Rodham. Total villain name. Second, look at this picture. That's all I've got, but look at the picture. Seriously, though, Swine Flu doesn't count because it can't scream at you like this. This was going to be Swine Flu, but then I looked at this picture. Hillary: scarier than Swine Flu? Discuss.
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    Enough with Iran already. The U.S. is trying to stabilize Iraq so troops can come home while Iran is reportedly giving aid and arms to insurgents. Iran doesn't seem to understand by aiding insurgents in Iraq that they're prolonging U.S. presence in the region. They're like those burglars from Home Alone trying to mess with Macaulay Culkin. You're only fueling the fire. Just let McCauley watch old movies nobody's ever heard of and let his family come home, so you can get them while they're not on guard. Smart move, Iran...real smart move.

    Also, their recently "elected" president pulled a Bush and got "elected" even though everyone hates him...hmmm...Iranian Government, this year, you are a VILLAIN.
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    JP Morgan Chase Bank was savvy enough to avoid serious fallout from the mortgage meltdown. They remained solvent enough to purchase Washington Mutual in California saving it from closure. Sounds great until it was recently revealed they started aggressive foreclosures on Washington Mutual homeowners. During the loan modification process Chase actually auctioned off homes from under their owners to Wells Fargo. The homeowners who thought they were in loan modification then received court notices to vacate. Many homeowners unable to hire attorneys were left without any other recourse but to leave their homes. Really stupid way to introduce yourself to your California, clients. More like CHASE you out of your home! Am I right? Am I right, ladies?
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